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  1. topoxforddoc


    Gorgeous in every way
  2. Just had some great advice from Stuart in Reykjavik. My Epson 3800 has died after 10+ years. Have ordered an Epson P7500 (7570 in USA) which should be here in a week or so. He said that the P5000 is excellent too for B&W if you don’t mind the ink changes from MB to PB.
  3. Bell End... S(006) 120 CS Flowers Brass Band, Stroud, UK, October 2021
  4. Probably my favourite R lens - monstrous to hand hold on my DMR, but capable of stunning pictures. Jamie Cullum, Mel C, Macy Gray and Alfie Boe - all on my 180 'cron and DMR
  5. Here are some shots taken with my 180/2 on my DMR Macy Gray, Mel C, Susanna Hoffs and Cachaito Lopez
  6. The 180/2 APO R is a fabulous lens - probably my favourite all time lens for shooting concerts. Wide open, the pictures are just tack sharp with lovely creamy bokeh, but a razor thin DoF.
  7. That's the same money for a new Plustek 120 as an used Nikon 9000. I'm delighted that this is being made again, as it came out to a fanfare in 2017 and production stopped shortly afterwards. Now that Hasselblad/Imacon have stopped making the Flextights, these are probably the best MF film scanners available, short of buying a drum scanner.
  8. On your tail.... S(006) 280/4APO + 1.4x
  9. Rites of Spring - Peach Blossom Tonight's lockdown photo from my English Garden at 10pm - S(006) 120CS with single LED light
  10. Thank you everyone. Terry liked this picture a lot and asked to use it for his fans.
  11. Wilson, I love my two DMRs. I've had 3 over the years, but one got stolen. I still use them from time to time, as they were my go-to concert cameras for many years. I still trot one out with my 180/2 Summicron. I never put film back into my R9s after buying the DMRs. Occasionally they will freeze - just open the whole thing up, clean the gold contact pins on all the bits, and put it back together again. The optical VF is a joy. As it's very topical today, here's a link my DMR photo of that lovely man, Terry Jones, who went the way of the Norwegian Blue earlier today RIP
  12. He's gone to meet the Messiah now. The struggle for the People's Front of Judea is finally over. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life will be singing across the whole world for this truly lovely man.This is probably my absolute favourite portrait out of all the people I have had the privilege to photograph. Terry Jones RIP R9/DMR 50/2 Summicron
  13. Thank you Graham, Tom and everyone who has liked the photo. Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas
  14. My Grandmother would have been 100 this year. I missed her birthday a few weeks ago; I hope she will forgive me. On her 90th Birthday in 2009, My sister and I went to Vancouver to celebrate her 90th birthday with the rest of her family. After lunch on her 90th birthday, we went shopping. We asked what she would like to buy. She told us that she wanted a diamond solitaire for her birthday. When we enquired why, she said the she had always coveted solitaires in the jeweller's window, when she was younger. She could now afford one, and that is what she bought that very day. As we approach the Festive Season, when much of the world forgets the true meaning of Christmas and concentrates instead on an instant gratification frenzy, remember that some things in life are worth waiting for R9/DMR 50 Summicron-R
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