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  1. I ordered very early. I think I was one of the first on the list.
  2. I have a black one and received it approximately four weeks ago from Leica Mayfair.
  3. Thanks for your suggestion Jaap, I will have a good look at the weekend to see if there is a mismatch.
  4. Thanks Andy for your reply. I do see what you mean you do soon get used to zooming in and out quite quickly. I will also take a look at my Photoshop settings a little later, I did take a quick look and there is nothing obvious but I am sure there is something I can try out. As far as L*a*b* mode goes I recall seeing an early Monochrom CCD video, I think it was by Ming Thein and I'm sure he suggested working in this mode for all Monochrom files. When I was 18 I worked for WordPerfect on telephone support. WordPerfect 5.1 was the latest version of the software. We would alway
  5. Yes that's it. I had looked at similar posts before posting here and tried some of the suggestions for example merge layers including background but this didn't work. Another suggestion was 8 bit, I was already in 8 bit so tried 16 and then 8 again but the same. The other suggestion is to work in 100% view mode but as you can appreciate this is not really an easy way to edit an image. I see exactly the same behaviour in Capture One so surely something else is going on here.
  6. Hi, I have a bit of problem that I could do with some help please. When I take a scanned negative in to Photoshop and make adjustments and then flatten the layers I notice a drop in brightness / contrast in the Image. The files are tiff files that are coming from a Noritsu scanner, my workflow is the following: I import the tiff file into PS and get a missing profile message. I choose to assign the working RGB: Adobe RGB (1998) profile. New layer for levels and I adjust the black / white point. Another new layer and I adjust the curve. I then flatte
  7. Haven't posted for ages... M10M 24 Lux
  8. I also have a similar stain / mark in the same place as the OP. As a side note my lens went back to Wetzlar for other work and they didn’t mention the mark at all in their report.
  9. I've not posted here for a while... Looking back at old negs and rescanning some. This is from 2017 and a walk in the snow through Churchill in the Cotswolds. MP - Tri- X @ 800 and XTOL 10 mins.
  10. Great stories Paul, I've really enjoyed reading these and of course brilliant photography.
  11. Sorry my original post may not be that clear. I didn’t sell it in the end. It was at Red Dot Cameras during lockdown and when they reopened their online shop I requested the lens be returned. I was selling it as I had my eye on a black chrome 50 APO. I was planning to trade my normal 50 APO and cash for the the BC 50APO. I then came to my senses...
  12. Red Dot Cameras did have a 35 V1 for sale up until a couple of days ago. It was mine and being sold on commission, I only asked for it back earlier this week as I'd missed the lens. It was up for sale for £3400. Looking at the eBay prices I too find them very high, approx 1000 more than what my lens was priced for. I purchased my lens last year from Germany from a reputable dealer a 1966 German made version. However, on receiving the lens (I'm in the UK) there was a fair amount of dust in the lens and the focus showed signs of slippage towards infinity. The dealer was very good and refun
  13. The M10P does work with C1 and I believe I have also read somewhere the M10D works too. Initially the M10P DNG files used to be overly saturated and I created my own ICC profile or used DNG Neutral as a profile. However since the update I can now select the Leica M10 Generic profile and everything work ok and the colours are good too. If you look at the link above that Gerbs has Kindly posted you will see that it only shows support for the M10, however, if you look at the Leica M9 it doesn't suggest it supports the M9P or even the M240P but it does. I think if C1 created an I
  14. It's explained here on C1 website https://support.captureone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002484457-Capture-One-Preferences-The-Image-tab
  15. Just a thought... I used to keep the previous version of C1 when offered the chance when upgrading. I do not do this anymore after a comment from C1 support when I was having problems with the previous version crashing. I now delete the previous version when prompted when upgrading C1. Just wondered if this may be the problem for those who are having problems, did you keep the previous version? There is a support document somewhere on the C1 site on how to do a clean install, this includes the instruction on keeping any settings etc you have created. Below is the quote from C1 su
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