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  1. Q2 R - though I'd take a bog standard Q2 tbh. Have an order in the system but the delivery date keeps going backwards. Really don't want to cancel on the dealer but don't want to wait forever.
  2. Anyone got any insight into current stock waiting times? Hate waiting....
  3. I was looking to trade in a virtually brand new (less than 50 clicks) CL and TL 35 1.4 on a new Q2. Camera and lens six months old and basically the boxes have been opened and the guarantees registered. Have been offered £2,250 in trade in value with my new thumbs up, half case, CL grip and TL system bag included in the trade. All mint in boxes. Pretty surprised how much value walks out the door once you open up the boxes! Is my experience pretty much standard in terms of trade in values? Needless to say I'm keeping it.
  4. Dealer just called and the camera body has arrived so all good. Be interesting to see if delivery times to dealers speed up - I know how much pain this particular dealer is having due to the delays caused by Brexit.
  5. Here's mine just done - managed to get hold of a kit and some extras. Very pleased with it. Just need a wide angle to fill that space now...
  6. Mine is. Wondering how long it will go before its needs to be sorted - I'm currently getting it checked periodically by Leica Manchester and so far so good... Anyone else still on original sensor and no problems? Wondering too whether to start a fund for replacement or even get it done regardless in case they run out of parts... Is there still an upgrade route if mine develops issues? Thanks for any feedback - I'd love to keep it as it is and continue to have no issues - great camera. Fingers crossed.
  7. Another quick update. Have had a good response from Leica UK. The camera was sent to them in July 2017 for a sensor examination and clean and the tech who completed the work has mailed me today and confirmed that the senor was fine and showed no signs of corrosion. If it had it would have been returned to Germany by them for replacement. They are also going to deregister the camera and register to me which is helpful. They also confirmed the availability and cost of potential sensor replacement down the line and that I will be able to access replacement even though I'm not the original owner. Lets hope I never have to take this up.
  8. I know have the camera and it is as advertised. As new in box and 234 actuations - its a 2010 model going by the serial number. The instruction pack is unopened and all of the warranty cards are there although unfortunately not completed (although i'd imagine this is moot given the age of the camera). I'm talking to Leica about the status of the camera and registering it and have had a positive response so far and have arranged to make a trip to Leica Manchester (who have been very helpful) to have the sensor checked. If its duff it will unfortunately go back under guarantee if not I'll keep it and use it for as long as I can. I've also asked Leica UK about getting the sensor changed in the future and what my/the camera's status will be too and am hoping for a sympathetic response given the camera appears to have been unused for most of its life - lets see... Hoping for a good outcome from my visit to Manchester and then saving for a lens instead of a sensor.. Thank you for all of the advice - I do appreciate I may be taking a risk. Thank you for informing it.
  9. Hello All, I've scratched the top plate on my mint CL and would like to get it fixed - if possibly restoring it completely. Is there anyone out there that does this kind of work or has anyone had experience of good restoration work? Many thanks Martin (And yes, I do know that cameras are for using not locking away and yes, I still want to get it restored!)
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