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  1. Would you please give a link where i can buy this cheap one?
  2. I never used 280mm apo telyt but very happy with 90-280mm for landscape work.
  3. What i see is 50mm apo has a bit more leica magic then 75mm. Do you feel the same way?
  4. I had 90mm SL for some time and loved it. Then the focusing ring started to make a noise.Leica store wanted to send it to weltzlar or change with 75mm apo. I choose the change cause i have a 35mm apo and 35-75 may be a better set. My findings are 90mm is sharper up to f4 especially at close range. It may be as sharp as 35mm apo. 75mm has more natural rendering. It has more of that leica pop magic thet i am used to from M 50mm apo cron. For your case 90 might be a better choice with 50mm but i would not go for a set of 50-75-90.Buy 90mm and sell 75 wouuld be a smarter move. By the way how does SL 50mm apo compare to 75mm apo? Is it sharper? Has better rendering like 3d pop?
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