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  1. I think there is a misunderstanding here. The camera USB port is designed to be connected to a USB port. The camera may or may not charge your battery when connected to a USB port. It should not "burn your camera" when the camera USB port is connected to a USB port, since that's what it's designed to do. Toshi
  2. Errm I meant the T/TL/TL2/CL forum. Toshi
  3. I absolutely love the on-screen depth-of-field status on the X2. I wish my other cameras had the option to display it. Toshi
  4. It sounds like the camera body can't communicate with the lens. Toshi
  5. I just installed firmware 4.1 and it appears to fix the exposure bracketing bug. With firmware 4.0, I noticed a bug when doing exposure bracketing at ISO 100, 1/20th sec, f/8, and 5 shot exposure with 2 EV increments. After the bracketed shots were taken, the firmware would perform noise reduction even though ISO 100 was used, and the back LCD would randomly turn on and off while applyng noise reduction. With firmware 4.1 using the same settings, the CL does not perform noise reduction and the back LCD does not randomly turn on and off. Toshi
  6. Once upon a time there was a man who had a Toyota who was considering an upgrade to a Mercedes. He posted on an Internet forum, "If I upgrade my Toyota to a Mercedes, how much will this reduce my daily commute time?" The forum members told him, "Upgrading your car from a Toyota to a Mercedes will not change your daily commute time, because the commute time depends mostly on the driver's skill, and not the car used."
  7. I found.a bug in the CL firmware 4.0 for exposure bracketing. The screen randomly turns on and off while doing noise reduction. Hopefully this fixes it. Toshi
  8. 1. The quality of your image is dependent on your skills, not the camera. 2. A camera is not an investment; it will always go down in value. If you are worried about value retention, you should buy something other than a camera. Toshi
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