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  1. This is on sale right now at 80% off and I found it very helpful - https://www.overgaard.dk/Thorsten-von-Overgaard-Gallery-Store-The-Overgaard-How-to-Do-Street-Photography-Video-Masterclass.html
  2. Great shots, What were your settings - ISO, f-stop, shutter, etc.
  3. What were your settings - ISO, f-stop, shutter, etc.
  4. Yes, thanks for the help Infiniumguy and dadohead!
  5. Ok, that did the trick. Having the electronic shutter always on was the issue.
  6. Tried that as well with no luck. I have also contacted Leica customer service. I still think there may be a glitch with my camera or the firmware.
  7. On full manual - aperture, shutter, and iso, I can only get to 1s.
  8. Yes, new firmware. I suspect a glitch in the camera.
  9. In full manual mode, I do not get “T” either.
  10. With my camera in shutter priority mode (for example) and dial set to 1+, regardless of my iso when i move the thumb wheel it will not go above 1s. Is this a glitch or am I missing something? Chris
  11. Hope you get the camera. It was listed on their site earlier today as available and now it is pre-order.
  12. I love Macphun's Tonality CK for B&W as a plugin to Lightroom.
  13. Serge Ramelli is pretty good and over 200 tutorials (most are on his site or his YouTube site). http://photoserge.com/
  14. I have the Lightroom course and it is very good. But if the cost is an issue, another resource for free tutorials is Serge Ramelli https://www.youtube.com/user/cmoeu/playlists http://photoserge.com/free-lessons
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