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  1. If true, this rumour makes me even more happy I own the M10-R. It's a wonderful camera, and 41MP is the absolute perfect amount for me. Any more in the M11-R down the line and the files will be crazy in size, and I love the grain the the M10-R produces; it's genuinely very random and reminds me a lot of film. If they add IBIS I'll buy an M11, otherwise I don't feel the need currently to replace my camera, but I hope it sells well nonetheless. Typically I've just ordered a Visoflex 020 for my M10-R today; I would hope the next version might be smaller overall and offer more definition
  2. Thank you both. I’d seen these but wondered if there were better sources anybody was aware of. The prices on eBay are very much plucked out of the air as well; they’re crazy.
  3. Okay so not specifically a lens question and I understand this is an unusual request, but I'm currently updating my office and I'd love some quirky Leica stuff around the place. Things such as display stands and just general memorabilia to inspire me each day. I'd also like to find some faulty Leica bodies as they wouldn't cost a lot and would make for nice display pieces. Can anyone recommend anywhere such as online stores. or physical stores? I'm based in the UK.
  4. Yeah I think you're right. I can't remember the YouTube video where the guy said he polished the black variant, so I think I'll just leave it well alone 😄
  5. Looking at the results though, almost 20 of those are the Monochrom or Limited Editions etc. There's still around 30x M10s for sale but it's a four year old camera and there's millions of people living in Germany. I'm sure there's a LOT more 5Ds, Sonys, Panasonics etc
  6. Thanks, makes sense. I’ll look in to the tape
  7. I just searched Ebay UK... two results came up for "Leica M10". One is an ASC and the other result was a case. There's 72 results "from International Sellers" and a lot of those just included "M10" to attract you to an accessory etc that they're selling. So either I'm missing something, or there really aren't many for sale at all. I'm sure if you search for "Sony A9" or "Nikon Z7" there would be far more.
  8. Firstly, don't worry, I know cameras pick up scratches and it's hardly going to fall apart because of them 😄 However I was watching a YouTube video recently and the guy said he occasionally polished the scratches out of his black M10P. I picked up this silver M10P and it has a few rub marks from straps etc. I have some experience with polishing metal etc and I never thought a finish as delicate as the M10P (looks bead-blasted) could be rescued in a DIY fashion, but perhaps I'm wrong. Has anyone managed it? The scratches shown are in the highest point of the surface; they look d
  9. The only risk would be falling and hurting yourself because the camera is on the front of your body. It could be dangerous. Otherwise I love the holster. It’s a great solution as the camera is stuck in one position, not moving around like on a shoulder strap.
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