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  1. After 2 240 M-P's I evolved to two SL's. That I decided (for me...) was not versatile enough. So I have now 2 SL's I shoot video, and need a backup. But I also picked up an M10. For fast moving coverage a rangefinder has always been the answer. .... well not always ... but for the sake of this post... The zoom on the SL was too big for my taste. So in short; for quick coverage M10
  2. Panning with an insect with a super telephoto ....? Spectacular ! panning an insect ..... one for the books!
  3. I use Gitzo tripods to do SL video/stills work. They have never failed me. My tripods are; Gitzo 2542L and Gitzo 3542LS My primary needs are twofold; video and stills. On the 2542L I use an Arca ball head for doing still work. That combo will handle anything. and, Also on the 2542 when I need a mobile video setup, I use a vintage, flat base, Miller Super 8 fluid head,(60's), for doing location video, where moving around a lot is called for. The second Gitzo tripod, the 3542LS, is my "big gun" video tripod. It is the Gitzo Systematic, which allows me to drop in a 75mm bowl
  4. You may just need a diopter. Why don't you see about visiting one of the Leica boutiques, and see if they can help you? With the 50 you should be fine. Something is not right. Good luck!
  5. There are no victims .... only volunteers. Use your head. Don't follow any advice, except to follow your intuition. Have a nice trip!
  6. The M10P will be identical to the M10 except that there will be no red Leica dot.
  7. "Part of the reason for the CX2 is the trend towards lighter cameras (counter balance is 0-8kg) and I'm seeing the GH5 as the mainstay my colleagues are using so enabling them is part of an overall solution." An excellent point. Worth getting the CX2. A heavy video head that can do wonderful pans on a very light camera, and also do well with a heavy rig, is a real asset. Only thing is for that, the payback is lugging everything around. If you do go towards a DS10, older ones have a design shortcoming in the female screw threading which costs $200+ to upgrade by Miller. Going from bowl
  8. Cinematic zoom lenses are different than still photography zoom lenses. the shifting weight of the 24-90 is not a problem for stills but for video it is. A zoom lens made for video will not "breathe" (change frame size), when being zoomed. etc. etc. .....A small difference but an important one. Combining still and video tackle is tricky. The 24-90 just might not be the right tool.......? The DS10 I thought is the "sweet spot" for Miller. The DS20 is not necessary and the entry level Miller the Air, might be fine .... but for a bit more the DS10 gives much more. I could not be happier
  9. ☛lx1713 I went for a Miller DS10.... a great fluid head. A tad heavy but so worth it! I have an older Miller Super 8 fluid head from the 60's, which is fine and much lighter when I have to move around a lot. The DS10 I use on a Gitzo 3542LS. The lighter Miller Super 8 I use on a Gitzo 2542L. Miller made the first fluid head in the 50's ..... something to be said for that Rafael. the CX2 ? wow that would be almost twice the weight of the DS10. I think that may be overkill for an SL setup ....... no matter how heavy
  10. I don't know if this is a better solution, but it is what works for me. On a Miller fluid head I slide the camera on the mounting plate forward, and back to balance the head. If I point the camera upwards, (or backwards), or downwards (or forward), and let the handle go if the camera should stay where it is ..... if it drops back, drifts, or moves in any way I slide the camera plate forward or back on the head until wherever I let the handle go the rig stays there and does not move. In other words wherever you point your camera, it should stay there. I hope this helps rafael
  11. Thank you Irakly for that information regarding the cage being unnecessary. I am looking at the Crane 2, and do not see any horizontal bar for mounting the Blackmagic recorder. Did you refer to another type of gimbal? I want to add that also recently I have added both the Leica WATE 16-18-21 M lens, and the Leica MATE 28-35-50 M lens. What wonderful lenses to use on the SL! I enjoy less lens changing, and the quality is outstanding, (especially on the WATE), (the MATE is great but not outstanding.) Rafael
  12. You can add the all important 28 PC Super Angulon which works great on the M body. I prefer the newer R lens to SL body adapter. The removable tripod foot support is infinitely easier to remove and put on. The earlier R to M support requires a small hex key, .... an extra step .... and tool to carry, and lose ..
  13. Each of us has one eye which is "dominant" For right handed people it is usually the right eye. You probably automatically use your dominant eye I know from archery and shooting a longbow for years, that many shooters resort to different methods to retrain they're seeing away from the dominant eye. One method is with glasses, as said earlier, a piece of scotch tape dulls the picture enough for the brain to give the job to the other eye. Blinking more than normal with the eye you want to get away from will get your brain to move to the other eye. There are other methods. I am not sure if any
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