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  1. I'd take an M8 over the X or X2
  2. Nearly extinct. Just look at the sales figures for film cameras versus digital cameras. That doesn't even consider new camera-phone sales, which I think are 100% digital.
  3. In the US "professional" means someone that performs a service for a fee. If you sell art that you make, you are a professional artist. If you only produce art, you are an amateur artist.
  4. I wonder if a Leica SL would not be a better choice with your M lenses.
  5. Impressive results even if the method was not scientifically sound. I would have at least liked to see a number of shots tried and the average of those shots. However, the entertainment factor was well worth it.
  6. Greater ISO would do wonders. Not only for the ability to shoot in lower light conditions, but it leads to improvements in dynamic as you increase ISO above it base.
  7. UPDATE: Adorama just sent a notice saying my flash was backordered, despite what the assistant said yesterday. No date given for its arrival.
  8. The specs say manual and TTL only.
  9. Just bought the SF40 from Adorama. It's in stock and fully compatible to the M240. Yeah, now I can replace my SF24d with something that swivels like god intended.
  10. That is only likely to happen when there is a revolutionary breakthrough in battery technology. Even so, the other factor that you can't overcome if the flange to sensor distance required by M lenses. Digital sensors are simply thicker than film and adding an LCD just compounds the problem. Ignoring the battery issue, you might possibly thin out the body and simply make a pedestal for the flange mount so that it stays where it is, but I suspect that people will start complaining that the camera is uncomfortable to hold. I can live with the size. The M240 is actually a tiny bit thin
  11. Not that much of an innovation as other camera manufactures have been doing it for years. The Nikon D800 was released before the M 240 and had it then.
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