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  1. I prefer the first portrait but nice demonstration of the Q2 potential! Albert
  2. fully agree..... something stinks... and it is not in the kingdom of Denmark....
  3. I am worried that your purchase may not be kosher... Too cheap for that lens.. As to the prospective body, go for the 006 knowing that you cannot exceed ISO 1600 ( optimal at 400-800). You might as well have a medium frame body to maximize teh use of the medium frame lens. Albert
  4. I also have had great results with Leica Miami... Smart, courteous and knowledgeable. Josh Lehrer can be reached at 305 921-4433.
  5. AH, think of the pleasure you will have using the LEICA when you are SOBER.....
  6. I cannot find my stealthified M10... Must have really overdone it... Albert
  7. All leather cases should come off camera equipment in a dry box.. Leather is a breeding ground for mold because of its irregular surface and because leather is a giant protein matrix. Keep leather covers in a closet but not in dry box. Defeats the purpose.
  8. terrible news... glad you alerted Leica.. Albert
  9. Hopefully by the spring is my guess... They have all the parts already...
  10. I have looked at the competition periodically over the past six years but was never tempted because of their shortcomings eg. overall optical quality and design as well as to the lack of breath. Welcome home! Albert
  11. Focusing wide open is an issue but if you reconsider, I would recommend you test your lens with tripod and fixed object to see if AF and manual focus work. I have had no problem with my 100 mm wide open except for occasional lack of super sharp focus of eyes. It is usually because the person or the photographer.. are moving ever so. 'such a narrow DOF! When tested with tripod both AF and manual are fine. Albert
  12. I format frequently so as to wipe the card clean of prior files and back up every day. SD cards are essentially indestructible and CHEAP. While they may last a decade, I usually retire them after one or two years. Albert
  13. I use Luigi's trap. It is so well and that I have used it on my M8, M9 and now the M10. Indestructible. https://www.luigicases.com/
  14. all batteries drain... in fact I did a simple study with three of my M10 batteries (same maker as S batteries) and found that after 6 months of storage, EACH battery had discharged 70% of its charge. All batteries were previously functional and were about 1-2 years old. they were stored under ideal conditions in a climate controlled cabinet.. Result: always check your batteries before you use the camera. Albert
  15. another option.. https://leicastoremiami.com/collections/thumbs-up-for-leica-m-typ-240/products/thumbs-up-ep-10s-titanium-silver?variant=4262570693 but you want M10 version
  16. Have had Ms since the M6 as well as R8-9, S2, 006 and 007. I have had no issue switching back and forth. Different cameras for different events as mentioned before along with different experiences and different challenges... Have no fear, you will adapt! Albert
  17. my wife had the Q but recently upgraded to the Q2. Fantastic grandkid camera! Albert
  18. I have used the thumb support and the key is NOT to force it in.. Really steadies the camera. Albert
  19. f5.6 is magic, f8 is gold and f11 you can notice downgrade clearly. what percentage change in contrast, resolution, acutance etc.. do you see between magic and gold?
  20. I agree that the M10 is a jewel but it is more limited than the SL or SL2.. But if it is too heavy, then stay with M10!!! Agree completely! Albert
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