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  1. Are you insulting our beloved Rocky the Squirrel ??? Albert
  2. An inadvertent tautology but... IT WORKS EVERY TIME INCLUDING FOR ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY.... Albert
  3. Leica Miami. /david and josh are so knowledgable and helpful
  4. only if you think it is worth it....
  5. I will not comment on the multitudes of misstatements, outright assault on well known facts and solecisms... Albert
  6. This was painful to listen too.... Proof that everyone is an EXPERT in their own mind... Albert
  7. you are correct... things will be difficult before they are better. We must approach the ongoing crisis with coolness, candor, courage and... common sense.... Albert
  8. the key epidemiologically speaking is in the home, the near home and transit. The worker gets infected at home or in transit and brings it to the factory and ka-boom. That is why we are closing down everything including schools and quarantining.... This is standard practice.... Please you Tube VP Biden's speech from 3/12/2020... He is on the mark.
  9. Aurora, Lofoten Islands at 2 minutes...
  10. The other nice and significant improvement regards long exposure. We will now have a maximum of 8 minutes. This is great for me as I have become enamored of long exposures and will certainly help sway me... However low light AF behavior is still key.
  11. I cannot weigh in on the fairness of the price as we do not know the details of the initial and ongoing costs of research, development, manufacturing, marketing... The market, namely us, will eventually decide. I would add one additional caveat to the brew.... Given the COVID 19 pandemic, Leica as well as all other companies world-wide will face many delays, hurdles, challenges and tribulations... I urge all of you to refrain from gripping too much regarding price, availability etc... We will have to help Leica get through this dreadful situation by supporting them to the hilt and being patient...
  12. Suspect still in list making phase. One point to bring up: potential shipping delays due to COVID 19... I have my two S bodies back in Germany for tweaking etc and was informed that the usual quick turnover time will morph into a month or more. Suspect this is due to COVID 19 with sick personnel etc... Again just an educated guess.. Chancellor Merkel spoke forcefully and realistically the other day and fears that up to 2/3 of Germans would eventually contract the disease. If so, this will undoubtedly wreak havoc on both the production and service lines in Wetzlar. If Leica is realistic, they will actually CLOSE down the factory for a few weeks and encourage the workers to stay home...Let's hope that severe illness is kept at a minimum. Albert
  13. This may be a resolution problem.... The higher the resolution, the harder to get PERFECT focus... This is a postulate inspired by quantum physics where Bohr adn company actually gave up on prediciting the actual electron orbits and use probability based calculation in lieu. I have found that for landscapes the hyperfocal setting is really fine for infinity. Albert
  14. the issue is LOW LIGHT AF capabilities....
  15. It could be better but it is fine for me with occasional MF tweaking with wide open lens....
  16. I was a beta tester for the ORIGINAL S3.... Would love to know if they really did improve the AF in the final version. Albert
  17. make sure you do your evaluation in a low light environment... Let us all know!!! Albert
  18. I have not yet seen a review that addresses the S3 AF capabilities in low light situations... Have any of you? Albert
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