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  1. a most thorough and compelling review! Well done, Jono!
  2. I have found that blower and gel stick work 90% of time... The rest will require wet clean... Albert
  3. Leica S System This section is dedicated to everything around the S-System: LEICA S2, LEICA S-E (Type 006) , LEICA S (Type 007) and LEICA S3. I think it would be more accurate as: This section is dedicated to everything around the S-System: LEICA S2, Leica S (Type 006), LEICA S-E, LEICA S (Type 007) and LEICA S3.
  4. Peterv That is very kind of you! Yours truly, Albert
  5. The S system description should be updated to...... including the new Leica S 3 as well as the prior S 2 and both the S (typ 006) and S (typ (007). After all, teh S3 did eventually ship!!!! Thanks
  6. I was recently featured on the Leica Camera Blog... https://www.leica-camera.blog/2020/06/12/sand-ice-rocks-water/?linkId=100000012755422 I am sharing it with you! Had almost 11,000 views in first three days.. The power of the internet! Albert
  7. if it is not corrected, ask for another one. I did this many years ago and found a "perfect" copy (ie with the expected peripheral softening at higher focal length) Something is truly awry with your copy..
  8. The 30-90 is notorious for peripheral softness above a focal length of 65 mm or so.. It is due to the underlying compromises required of a zoom... Take same picture say at 30 mm and 70 mm and you will see the difference. Albert
  9. you can play it over again at your convenience. The discourse was all encompassing and quite illuminating. Albert
  10. David has done it again.... This is a definitive treatise...
  11. I am presenting several THAMBAR panoramas... They were taken in Redding Connecticut, home of Mark Twain, Edward Steichen and Paul Caponigro... Albert
  12. We are all in it TOGETHER for the LONG HAUL.... There will be inexorable ups and downs along a serpiginous road but.... we will eventually muddle through.... Good news today... China has no new cases.... Bad news... China will ineluctably have a second round that should be less deadly... Albert
  13. We all hope that you will return sooner than latter...
  14. He was quite smart and did not have ADD or ADHD...
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