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  1. I have had it since late January and yes it was new. Appreciate the help I will give he full cycle a try.
  2. I have had a very strange issue with my M10. I am on the latest firmware version The date information is incorrect when imported into Lightroom CC. All of my photos show the exact same date and time. I have changed the date in the menu settings and it will change the date but will not advance it. I have also reset the camera several times with the same result. For example if I set the date to 4/3/2017 10:00am all of the photos taken after that will show the same date and time. It will not advance. I spoke with Leica USA Support and their advice was to only set the time and
  3. Found some batteries at Leica Store Mayfair in London last week. Had a business associate pick them up for me and he hand delivered them to me today in Colorado. Too many hoops to jump through for batteries...
  4. It seems to me that nothing major has been released by Leica at Photokina for several years. The two biggest releases recently of the Q and SL were not done at Photokina. Think about all of the publicity they received for both of those cameras by releasing them on their own and away from the hype of that show. It just seems as if things are "too" quiet right now and makes me think that something big is on the way...
  5. it looks great. I was curious if they were going make one and now I know! Thanks Ashwin.
  6. Mine is "out for delivery" as we speak and I hope to have it in my hands within a few hours.
  7. Mine arrived Tuesday and was ordered on launch day from Leica Store Miami. I am about 300 shots in and all I have to say is WOW!
  8. I ordered mine day 1 and still have nothing. From everything I was told I was very close to the top of the list but yet still nothing. I buy all of my Leica gear from what I would think would be a very prominent Leica store, always place my orders immediately at release and yet cannot get any product. Same situation with the Q although I realize that it is much newer than the m246. As much as I love Leica (and I love them a lot) the lack of product availability and service times are starting to weigh on me.
  9. Just got back from a week in Maui with my newly repaired MP 240. Before the repair I was having a number of different of lockups in several different scenarios and having them quite often. 2000 shots taken in Maui with zero lockups. I shot with with these 4 different SD cards that were all formatted with SD Formatter: Lexar 64gb Professional 2000x UHS-II (300 MB/s) Lexar 32GB Professional 1000x UHS-II (150 MB/s) SanDisk 64gb Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-II (280 MB/s) SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro UHS-I SDHC U3 (95 MB/s) Multiple shooting situations - Exposure Bracketing, Continous up to 20 s
  10. I feel like the SD Formatter did help slow down the lockups but it did not stop them. The camera was sent off to Leica and because I had just purchased the camera they turned it around amazingly quick. The EVF circuit board? was replaced. I tested it yesterday in multiple different situations with 35lux, 50apo, 21se and 90apo. I was feeling pretty confident because I had zero lockups 200 shots in and then I got one. This happened when I was taking several shots very quickly. It seemed to me as if the memory card couldn't handle the incoming shots. I reset the camera and continued to shoot
  11. I have had to lock up issue in the past on my M 240 only when using the EVF. It did not happen extremely often but because I was using a tripod I would have to remove my really right stuff baseplate and remove the battery to fix the problem which makes it pretty inconvenient. Just this week I purchased a new MP 240 and I've experienced more lock up issues than usual. Just this week I purchased a new MP 240 and I've experienced more lock up issues than usual. The EVF Will also go completely White about half of the time when it locks up. This is the same EVF that I used on my M 240 and I n
  12. Hello Neil, Not sure if this is what you are looking for but when I first got my MM I was pretty unhappy with how my shots looked. One of the things that helped me tremendously was a tutorial by Ming Thein just for the MM. http://mingtheinstore.outthink.us/photoshop-videos/9-photoshop-workflow-for-the-leica-m-monochrom.html. Hope this helps.
  13. Personally I really enjoy the reviews and appreciate the time that Jono and David have taken to share them with us. Yes we all know that David sells Leica and I could by my Leica gear anywhere but I choose to buy exclusively from David and his crew because they have never pointed me in the wrong direction and sometimes saved me from making the wrong decision. So when David writes a review it carries weight with me. How many times have we all heard someone ask "Where's Jono?" because we all know that he is off testing something that most of us would love to be playing with. So again, Jono's opi
  14. It took me a year to decide to buy it and I have had it for only a month. I had read the rumors that a new one would be announced in a few months. So I figured that I would use it until I could get the new one and sell this one. Something funny happened...I am in love with this camera and the files it produces. Mine is not going anywhere...AMAZING Camera!
  15. Thank you everyone for your feedback. I have made some headway in finding a solution to my problem. It turns out that when using the auto exposure feature the M "guesses" the f stop because it is not electronically connected to the lens (I think I'm getting that right but don't hold me to it). Thus the exposures are correct even thought the exif data is incorrect. I can live with that. When using the 18mm Super Elmar I use the EVF and I now know that it is not always accurate. It seems that if I focus normally and use the EVF for framing the quality of the images are better. I am curr
  16. Hello Everyone! I am having some interesting problems when using my 18mm Super Elmar and Auto Exposure Bracketing for HDR. I will set up the shot and my M240 will take 5 images at what looks like the right exposures (-2 -1 0 +1 +2) at f16 but when I import them into Lightroom the f stops are different. I shoot on a tripod and do not touch my camera yet they will be different. f16, f8, f4 etc... The image quality is not up to Leica standard so much so that I was going to get rid of the lens. Only after doing some testing in my office today did I notice what was happening. If I take only one
  17. Thank you everyone for your feedback. The bottom line is that no matter what I do it is going to be fantastic! I can't wait to get started. Thank you very much for your help.
  18. I am brand new to Leica and have purchased the M240 just a couple of days ago. I have always wanted to own a Leica and the opportunity presented itself and I could not let it pass by. Because I am so new to Leica I could use some recommendations on lens selection. I have roughly 6k to spend and cannot decide if I should buy the 35 f1.4 Summilux or for roughly the same money buy the 35 and 50 Summicron f2's. Is there a 2k difference between the 35 lux and cron? Either way it seems like I win. I have gone back and forth and could give you 50 reasons why each option is the right one for m
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