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  1. 135/2.8 2nd version, f/8, TL.
  2. 28 2nd version, f/5.6-8, TL.
  3. 60/2.8, may be f/5.6 (I didn't take note); TL.
  4. L'astemia pentita = the regretful teetotal woman. 135/2.8 2nd version, f/5.6-8
  5. Keep in mind the R lenses have same image-format on SL and M, while the TL and CL take only the central part of images produced. Fernando.
  6. Excellent image, however Summilux 75mm isn't an R-lens! Fernando.
  7. Glas, your serie of images shows your skillness AND the perfection of 280/4!
  8. My Deutsch Language is less than basic knowledge... I used the internet translator. Ciao, da Milano, Fernando.
  9. What are the f/stop in these photos? Fernando.
  10. What lens is "Apo Macro Vario Elmarit 2.8/100 ROM"? I know only "Apo Macro Elmarit 2.8 100mm"... Fernando.
  11. 135/2.8 2nd version, f/5.6-8, TL.
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