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  1. New to me and just back from a full service from Cameraworks-UK. New Schneider AR coated replacement glass and a re skin.
  2. Tom - Do you see any difference or improvement in distortion?
  3. Hi https://www.exposurefilmlab.com/ I had a roll of Ferrania P30 developed here - all good but about a weeks turnaround...
  4. The discrepancy with the Leica Rumours weight is probably down to my scales which are analogue, not digital.
  5. Well- mine weighs in at 212g without the caps.
  6. 35mmc.com - £220 inc VAT uk tax. There were 20 available but now all sold.....
  7. Mine was delivered today - Build quality - Solid - (More solid and robust feeling than my Summicron 50/2 V5 and similar to my VM 35/1.7). Smooth well damped focus and no aperture ring looseness that Emulsive noted.
  8. Try and find a good one - an underrated lens IMHO- with ergonomics you may like....It’s not a soft lens by any means and at f2 I’m hard pushed to see a difference in sharpness to my Summicron V5. No focus shift either despite what I’ve read elsewhere...I paid £400 for mine in great shape with the hood.
  9. Try a Voigtlander 50/2 Heliar Classic.....
  10. Hi John - I used Miles Whitehead - http://mwcamerarepairs.co.uk to service my Color Skopar 28/3.5 and 50/2.5 one with a loose aperture ring and one with a loose focus tab - great job - turnaround is usually a couple of weeks.
  11. And it comes back from Leica with dust still in the finder and the glass is cracked!! Love my MP but not Leica! It's on it's way back!
  12. Wattsy - Don @ Dag has just got back to me and he has the screw in stock @ $30 - just in case any one out there needs the same!
  13. Update - Leica have now agreed to replace/repair without doing a full CLA apart from rangefinder realignment - £180 inc Shipping/VAT.
  14. Will contact them thanks I will contact Malcolm - he may have the part - I've been trying to source one from eBay - have found one from an M2 but not sure if it's the same. There no way I will approve the estimate
  15. Just had the estimate to replace the screw from Leica Germany as the part is not available in the UK and Leica will not supply - they also won't repair without a full CLA which it doesn't need - £946!! I think I will sell as is!!
  16. Hi - I took up the slack when winding on - on my M4-2 - for the same reason - then had the film processed and I had overlapping frames/double exposure - sent it to Peter @ CRR Luton who told me there was nothing wrong with the camera - but the fault was down to me taking up the film slack every frame!! No problems since - leave well alone!!
  17. Out shooting yesterday and somehow lose the screw retaining the rewind post!!......Please check yours are all tight!!
  18. Mark- Henry thanks for your input - I've gone the cool route!
  19. The M needs a paint touch up! Any advice on the best way - gratefully received.
  20. Ilford processing. Slightly cheaper than Peak and same turnaround time - 4days approx. Not just Ilford film.
  21. Wattsy - pico - thanks. It must have been retrofitted as it's a 2004 build.
  22. Could anyone confirm that this is the updated optical DX reader? - I think it is but not completely sure! Thanks
  23. Henry - A Summicron would be nice! Just one M7 though....the 0.72 is an MP - Cheers G
  24. My 0.58 M7 arrived today to complement the 0.72 MP - It has the updated finder and the updated DX reader - 294XXXX Some dust on the inside of the eyepiece - so will send it back to get it cleaned - after I've shot a few rolls though!
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