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  1. All these lenses sound like big and expensive
  2. Any chance to use macro elmar 90 ( V2 ) without the macro adapter and without EVF / screen , is it rangefinder coupled ? My intention is to have a compact 90 mm lens for landscape and general shooting.
  3. The subject is about pre FLE version of Lux, but I would like to ask the comparison of the FLE version of Summilux 35 versus the 2016 version of Summicron in terms of contrast , color richness and bokeh.
  4. I had a Leica Q and now using M10 but I miss the colors from Q. The color reproduction from Q and SL are more Leica like I think. The colors are bolder.
  5. I will wait till a FF option in this body style.
  6. Was the sample photo taken with APO 50 ? -- I reread your message and realized that it is rigid Summicron , sorry.
  7. In Turkey, sometimes the prices may be lower than other countries, because it is hard to sell Leica related products, so the seller wants to rush the process.
  8. A note for my own question, Kipon has introduced a new adapter for using M lenses on X1D http://www.kipon.com/en/articledetail.asp?id=115
  9. I mean , the Q body only size. The numbers here are for A7 bodies vs Q body + lens. Q is only wider than A7 series. It is shorter and thinner than A7. With a compact M prime, an interchangable Q option will be really small. Btw, an announcement is coming on November 22 under the name of Oskar's Legacy. The guesses are an APS-C camera, but Leica may make the dreams come true.
  10. As far as I know, there is not any company that created a FF camera with interchangeable lens ( with EVF ) in this size and Leica has been a pioneer in compact digital cameras. ( Small APS-C camera X1 , smallest FF - M9 ( RF style ) , DSLR size MF camera - S2 ) Leica may find a Q model with M mount risky. However, the big demand for this camera can be seen in this forum. Any AF lenses for FF would be big for this type of body, even the primes. So the ultimate compactness can be achieved with a manual focusing system like M series. Despite the fact that we are mostly RF lovers in
  11. Is there any M-Mount adapter available for X1D ?
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