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  1. Manicouagan1, Wow! great shot! Electronic shutter? IBIS on or off? Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ˜€
  2. I sold my beloved SL to get the SL2 as I'm in need of the IBIS due to my age. The IBIS has helped a lot when using M & R lenses, and I usually use the mechanical shutter. It would be helpful if you could show the same mechanical shots with the IBIS on and off. Also, are you using IBIS when mounted on a tripod? Really need more detailed info on the shots and more variety to tell if its indeed the mechanical shutter or the IBIS reacting to the shutter? Just trying to help.
  3. Capnord, Those two shots are great, good capture on the Cormorant in flight and the Pipit is tack sharp. Really shows what the Sigma is capable of on the SL2. Thanks for sharing and appreciate the settings info. ๐Ÿ˜Š Robert
  4. Ktsa5239, I stand corrected. When clicking on the photos that do enlarge, I see much sharper detail, thanks. Looks like the lens is working out very well for you. My experience has been once you find a good combination that works, keep it. You may not get another lens that works the same, too many variances in quality control. Hate to think what a Leica 600mm lens would cost, probably 6 times the Sigma. Looking forward to more of your BIF shots!
  5. Don't other photos on this forum come clear through as being sharp? Maybe we could get some compassions with the Leica 90-280 on this post?
  6. Very nice shots, well done. Sad to say, I'm just not seeing the sharpness I was hoping for. Is it just me?
  7. Ktsa5239, nice shot of the Ibis. Please tell us focal length, shutter speed, ISO, etc. It would be nice to have those details. Thanks!
  8. Ktsa5239, Very nicely done, great shots indeed. I'm a BIF photographer that had to purchase Sony gear to get the longer telephoto reach. Use the A9ii & A7r4 with 100-400 and 200-600 lenses. They are incredibly sharp. But I missed using my SL2 and getting the Leica colors. With the SL2 I've been limited to the Lumix Pro 70-200mm f4 which is also very sharp on the SL2, perhaps one of the best Lumix lenses to use with the Leica gear. Using it with the 1.4x extender also retains the sharpness very well. I tried the Tamron 100-400 but was disappointed in the softness on the long end. Afte
  9. Looks to me like the SL2 has slightly better colors, they are very close, but I see nothing that indicates the SL2-s is better.
  10. I use that lens on my SL2 with no problem at all.
  11. I too am wondering? What's taking so long for the L alliance to come out with some long telephoto lenses (above 200-280mm) in the L mount? There are enough wide angle, 50mm, 75-90mm lenses to fill a truck. Other than the Leica 90-280, Panasonic 70-200mm (not counting the Sigma 100-400) where are the long telephotos? Some of us nature and bird photographers are impatiently waiting for the promised long telephotos.
  12. I found this article very interesting from another website: https://www.nikonians.org/forum/topic/464-14603-14603/d500-focal-length-with-fx-lens#14604 It backs up what Bernard C, jaapv and Lct say above. So I wonder, who started this theory "you must multiply by 1.5x" ? Repeat after me: A 55-135 is a 55-135... ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  13. OK guys, then answer this question: If Leica manufactures a lens made for the APS-C cameras (TL & CL) and they label it "55-135"mm: then what is it on the camera? Is it a 55-135 or is it a "82-202" mm lens? Forget the FOV or AOV confusing stuff, stick to the mm's. There must be a reason it's labeled 55-135 and NOT 82-202, right? This formula everyone seems to apply to an APS-C sensor camera of multiplying by 1.4 or 1.5x should not even come into play when the manufacturer labels the lens a specific MM in length. It should only apply if you put a non-APS-C lens on the camera; IE
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