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  1. I don't know. It's not water-resistant, and it doesn't have a tilty-flippy screen (at least it has touch). For the price, for a camera aimed at (richer) enthusiasts, why not have more versatility in the screen? The more I think about it, the more I know that Leica is just a name, and people buy it because of that. Nothing wrong with that, I guess, but how long can they last on just a legacy? Personally, I like how the camera looks; I was about to get one, but then I ran across a Fuji again and I just can't justify buying a Leica due to the price and how less useful it is compared to a
  2. It's been a while since I've owned a Leica, but this may be the one I want to get. I stopped using and eventually sold my M, due to not enjoying manual focus with a rangefinder. I'm much better at it with an SLR. I'll wait a year to see how Leica takes the time to do some firmware updates, but I may actually save up for this camera/lens combo. My only question is if it is water/dust resistant.
  3. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it. Have fun everyone
  4. I'd be interested in using the studio, if the price is decent. I'll see you guys tomorrow!
  5. Enjoy Tokyo guys You're there just after golden week, so you're missing the huge crowds of people xD
  6. Not suer if this has been touched on or not yet, but,,, To those taking the shinkansen over to Kyoto: your ticket will allow you to go to one local station anywhere from the JR line locally. So don't just exit the station you arrive at, then go back in. You can use the ticket you receive to keep going to a different local station, then use it to exit. Saves you a few hundred yen. I live here in Osaka so I'll make a day trip out of it in Kyoto for the challenge on the 23rd and also may stay for the night photo shoot. If anyone needs help getting around, let me know; been studying Japanese
  7. Torgian

    Can Collectors

    Many elder people here in japan do the same thing. There are a couple old men that are regular faces that I see in Nanba and Shinsaibashi here in osaka. Both cans and cardboard boxes.
  8. I'm not quite pleased with the toning either, but I'm having a hard time in lightroom trying to get a good sepia tone. Any suggestions on that?
  9. Just want to watch the world burn. Taken in Kyoto at a cafe.
  10. Lighting up in the cafe. As always, critiques and thoughts are welcome.
  11. I think a new one might be on the horizon, but if one is released soon, I think next year would be the earliest. Maybe even two.
  12. A couple more. Going for a fuji-film Velvia remake in the second one. Not sure if I like the result or not.
  13. Portrait series shoot in Kyoto. Did a mix of noir and normal portraits. These are just a few examples. As with any of my posts, feel free to critique and comment.
  14. I was out in Kyoto a couple of days ago with my friend, and decided to put up my mistakes on here. Most shots are out of focus in this thread. First two was from a walking scene, the last a self portrait xD Self portrait xD
  15. Oh, I'm not being critical about your photos; sometimes the mistakes can be fun. But, the photos I saw in this thread have not given me any sort of specific feeling, nothing really stands out to me in the emotional sense.
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