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  1. Here's the image imported into Lightroom Classic, zero sharpening or additional processing.
  2. This was at 550mm, but that was with the 1.4 TC on. Golden hour sunset with unusually dark sky
  3. Crows @ 600mm. Somewhat noisy due to pushing the silhouetted figures.
  4. Lens arrived today and am just getting used to it. These three were taken with the TC 1.4 attached. The Willet with crab in mouth was 1/1600 f/10/ ISO 1000 840mm. The egret ditto except ISO 320. The Norwich was 1/400, f/7.1, ISO 2500 212mm. The last two are full frame, the first just very slightly cropped. Electronic shutter. Am interested in hearing how others are setting this lens as it's the longest I've used.
  5. Mike, I think I may have been fooling myself. All seems good at the moment.
  6. Having just a half hour ago updated, I'm noticing that sometimes when I enter the menu, there is no Favorites menu, and in fact, the main menu just skips to the Reset Camera item. Sometimes.
  7. Taking a tip from Jaap (thank you, Jaap!), I took the CL, with 90-280 mounted, out to the wetlands, this time with Electronic Shutter "Always On." Here is a shot of a Black Oyster Catcher, tightly cropped.,at 280mm, f/4.0, 1/1000. It does indeed seem better.
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