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  1. I was surprised .... the seller is a woman for (Third_Man_Cameras) Hmmmmm ??? ...... I emailed the seller and I told her that there is plenty of doubt on some forums concerning the lens and its authenticity. I asked her how she knew it was legitimate and if she had other items coming soon. This was her reply ....... "Hello, yes I know that there are plenty of skeptics. It's not fake. I have been selling on eBay since 1999, I have perfect feedback and take pride in keeping it that way. I don't believe a fake Leica lens would look like the one Im selling, nor would it get much attent
  2. Thank You Sabears .... you continuously have been so helpful and friendly. A grand fellow !! But unfortunately I believe the lens has gotten a bit too pricy for me ..... auction has reached $8100 USD ...... This will be fun to watch though. Regards
  3. jc_braconi , I greatly value your opinion as well as the others on the forum. Please tell me what convinces you that it is a forgery. And also, Sabears - who do I contact at Leica for information ?? Many Thanks to you all & Merry Christmas (I am taking a five minute break from building the biggest Lego set that was ever made with my 5 year old boy)
  4. If a buyer doesn't like the item they purchased they simply just have to state that the description was wrong. I sold a lens on eBay years ago that I considered to have perfect glass. The buyer ended up wanting to send the item back to me because he said that there was haze in the lens. I got the lens back and I said I couldn't see any haze .... The buyer told me that I had to shine a very bright LED flashlight through the lens to see the haze ... Seemed ridiculous to me ... But I ended up shining a light through the lens and when I did I could see plenty of dust and a bit of haze. I don't bel
  5. Yes, I noticed those same things Chris. The missing paint on the infinity stop is the most damaging clue that the lens may be a fake. But I have seen Leica painted items lose there paint in all sorts of fashions.The bayonet is brass with no chrome ... which is not uncommon ( sabears taught me that ) ..... The tube does show signs of ware in the pictures .... you have to click on them to see the larger size photo. I am very interested in purchasing the lens on eBay ...... so I have been really looking hard at it. I have a few e39 black filters already and to give the seller the benefit of doubt
  6. So mnutzer, are you saying that rare Leica items that end up on eBay are not to be taken seriously, or that the seller has made a poor choice by selling on ebay. Sounds like your saying that .... "if its on eBay .... then there is something wrong" Just clarifying ....
  7. Ok ... so here is my newb question of the week. Can the Black Summicron Collapsible that's on ebay be sourced at all? I mean is there any way to track when the special order was placed or the details of the order. Basically is there any way to verify if it was actually painted by Leica for a special order?
  8. I have been doing some research and looks like it was special order only in black. Westlicht sold one a few years back (see photo) 96: LEICA: M3 black paint : Lot 96
  9. I am obsessed with Leica items that were painted black. I like this lens ..... any advise or thoughts from the professionals. Thanks Leica Summicron M 5cm F2 Black Very RARE M3 M2 M4 M6 M7 M8 M9 | eBay
  10. Here is the lens I want sourced .... I am in love with the look of the brass bayonet. Don't ask me why. Leica Summilux M 50mm F1 4 Black with Brass Bayonet M3 M2 M4 M6 M7 M8 M9 799429118914 | eBay
  11. I am fairly new to all this .... but please tell me about this sourcing. How do I get in on this. I am very interested in a black summilux on ebay right now but I want to be sure its the real deal. It looks great and has paperwork to match it. But im now curious as to other ways to verify its authenticity.
  12. Sabears .... I truly do appreciate you ... You have taught me so much and I am truly grateful to you for tolerating my questions. It must get annoying .... having guys like me bother you for information, information and then some more information. I Thank you once again. Sail
  13. Thank you very much .... I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me Sabears ...... One more question please .... did they sell these bare brass lenses individually or did they only come with a black painted M camera ?? Many Thanks
  14. Please good Sir ......... What is the truth? Kind Regards
  15. OK .... Well I can see I didn't set the world on fire with this question .... haha !! I did hear from another site that the plain brass backings were needed because they were not shiny like chrome is, and during wartime photography the lenses would be hard for the enemy to spot the photographer ...... that's does sound like a good idea but I don't know if that was Leica's intent. Can anyone please add to this post. Many Thanks !!! Seriously .... Thanks !
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