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  1. let me give you guys the perfect example here .. you are invited to drive on the Circ De sart for 20 laps ... you have a choice on one side there is a brand new Tesla 2.9 seconds 0-100KM silent. air conditioned .. no shifting gears .. perfect breaks ... and a huge computer that will tell you the next turn and lower the speed for you to make the fastest turn safely possible the other choice you have is a 1962 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder .. 12 cylinder loud manual transmission lousy breaks uncomfortable seats and wind in your hair .. which one will you choose ?
  2. Don't worry Steven Its coming soon you will have implants where you can take pictures by just blinking your eye at ISO 1.6 billion and if you move your head to the right you will be able to airdrop it to your computer at Instant speed ... wow I just can't wait on how easy that will be ... Boring not very challenging but hey great pictures instantly.
  3. my god have we ever turned into a spoiled bunch , Imagine during film days ISO 400 was already to grainy , If you wanted to sell your images to a stock agency or were by any chance hired by an Ad agency for some commercial work, you had to get the work done by Kodakchrome 64 or Fuji Valvia to get images good enough to keep your foot in the door and make a buck..How the heck did we ever get anything done.
  4. No the Leica M was perfect for him because he did not wish for 25000 ISO film or a camera that could fire 30 frames a second he did not not need GPS he did not need 18-300 mm zoom He was a Photographer that relied on his skills knowledge for his images. and by the way that video or any other that I have watched, I really do not see him sweating it out, If you think walking around in a Paris street with a 3 piece suit taking pictures of people buying groceries is hard work with a Leica M, try covering a civil War in Beirut....
  5. My favourites are the ones that keep telling us how great the Sony, and Fuji systems are. I really don’t understand the comparison. I don’t want a gadget full of bells and whistles , I don’t care about auto focus , I have no use for GPS and wifi , I really have no use for 8k Video. 20 page menus. And lenses that are the size of bazookas. And I can not stand lenses that are fly by the wire. But most of all I really get jacked when somebody starts telling us about how great their I phone is as a Camera. If you don’t want to slow down and enjoy the Art of photography, learn to use the equipment
  6. Wow I just read the last 2 pages here and I can not believe where this thread is going.. M10R turning to garbage ... the old Sony A7 coming back into the picture where is this going here ? The next M should be just a welcome surprise and we will welcome it to our family.
  7. All this talk and comparisons are just silly jibbersh right now , comparing nothing but apples and oranges, yest there are a lot of dslr’s and Mirrorless cameras that will take pictures faster then and better ISO performances and faster wake up and all that, but guess what none of those are a Rangefinder . the M10R is the best all around rangefinder today. And judging by history the M11 will most likely be a modest ?? Upgrade.. and they will leave some room to market a M11 P... then an M11 R and so on and so on.. which incidentally is a practice that Leica has been doing for some time no
  8. I remember Toronto Camera , it was an awesome store . It was so well stocked the store manager was a friend of my uncle named Archie, I remember trying out the only Nikon 6.5mm F2.8 I have ever seen and I have never seen one again.
  9. Wow does this mean the king is dead in the age of Ultron
  10. Understood and I can say with my experience at ISO 6400 I have not had to much trouble photographing in most available light indoors at optimum f stops with most lenses. which in most Leica lenses is at 2.8- to 5.6
  11. I am very puzzled with this low light performance desire.... how much more low light performance do we need then what we have with the M10R ? what I want to see is more bright lite light performance give me base ISO 64 and I am a happy man .. throw in a supper hi resolution clip on Viso and I am ecstatic then somehow find a way for extended battery life and empty my wallet sign me up for a pair
  12. just picked up a nice Tele Elmar clip on hood mint shape .. and the focus is bang on through the rangefinder here are some 100% Crop
  13. I just bought a TZFOO to use with my 400mm F5 .. but I get a strange message on the M10R when I turn the Live view on (( No Lens Detected )) When I put the the lens detection to off ,, the Viso turns on then turns back off in a few seconds and lens detection goes back to Auto Am I missing something ?? here
  14. Steven I love the enthusiasm my friend enjoy with good health
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