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  1. Thank you LocalHro1953 and Jono. That's all I wanted to know. It seems like it is negligible. Thank you. Thanks also Jono for your review. I always look forward to them. Cheers, Sam
  2. Thanks LocalHero1953, that's exactly the question/concern I have. I have used film Leicas for many years and was concerned to read that there is shutter lag. Does anyone with an M10 (or tested an M11) who also has film Leicas give us an idea of the shutter lag? Perhaps it's negligible. Thanks
  3. skanga

    SL to M10-P

    Hi Roy, How much was the used mint M10-P? Thanks
  4. I'm not sure what the big fuss is about black paint vs chrome. One of my cameras is a black chrome M4-P with a million miles on it. It is robust, and still looks great. The "brassing" of black paint Leicas will also probably lower your re-sale value (see Rupert's post above). It is interesting to see the old brassed black Leicas of great photographers like David Douglas Duncan, Paul Fusco, Robert Frank, HCB. Unless one is collecting Leica M cameras, my advice is to go out and shoot, and not to worry about brassing, or electronic levels etc. Thanks
  5. I agree, and to add to your Luminous Landscape video, here is an interview by David Farkas with STEFAN DANIEL AND JESKO VON OEYNHAUSEN : http://www.reddotforum.com/content/2017/02/the-leica-m10-a-discussion-with-stefan-daniel-and-jesko-von-oeynhausen
  6. Here is a good article, for those who might not have seen it.: THE LEICA M10: A DISCUSSION WITH STEFAN DANIEL AND JESKO VON OEYNHAUSEN http://www.reddotforum.com/content/2017/02/the-leica-m10-a-discussion-with-stefan-daniel-and-jesko-von-oeynhausen Very nice interview, with lots of information. I hope this answers many people’s questions about EVF, touch screen, video etc. I’m glad that although they are listening to their customers, they are trying to keep the M close to the original philosophy as much as possible. As an "M" user for many years, I don't need more than they offer on the M10. Going forward, I would prefer that they just keep improving on the original concept/philosophy. Keep improving the sensor, battery life, heat issues, locking up, service, and other issues that some users have been posting. There are so many other cameras available that can do amazing things: autofocus, video, many fps, etc. There is no need to monkey with the Leica M, and certainly if you need those features, you can get the other cameras - for a lot less. When It was announced years ago that Leica was making an M digital camera, I looked at my M2 and thought "Just do that", and it seems like they are pretty much there. Thanks Sam
  7. Thanks for this info - this is good to know. Sam
  8. A multi week (or multi day) assignment anywhere definitely requires preparation and back up etc. I have done many, from planning to coordination of all aspects with the team and client, to scouting, to final selects etc. Film and digital. There are a number of things you could do regarding batteries and power, but unless I've missed it in the posts, I would strongly suggest more than one camera. I hope you have sufficient back up bodies and lenses, even if they are not all Leicas.
  9. Hello Jk1002 Focussing has rarely been an issue - I've used film Ms since '80-'81 in many situations: Portraits, Journalism, Theatre, Dance, Music venues, etc. - Hope this helps. As an aside, I finally got a chance to play with an M10 recently - love it! I've waited years for Leica to create a digital M that is close to the film cameras - simplified, quick, discreet, small - I think they might have more or less done that. Thanks Sam
  10. Hi edw, I understand, thanks. You are trying to push the edges of the envelope. I believe you have an M10 on order? Hopefully it will help, as you suggested. Sam
  11. Interesting to read your experience. I didn't find that to be an issue. It did have a nice lens for a small happy snap type camera. I wasn't familiar with the Contax. Thanks
  12. Thanks digitalfx Good to know. Yes the SL lenses are quite big. I do love the small size of Leica Ms and a couple of lenses.
  13. Thanks digitalfx Praise the Lord! Now I can keep shooting. Thank you! God knows how HCB shot that guy jumping over the puddle behind Gare St. Lazare without a spirit level, or video or touchscreen, or autofocus, or .....
  14. Yes that was a lovely camera. I always mention to people when they ask about what camera I use, that some of my best shots were actually with the T4 - because I had it with me at all times. Before that I had an Olympus XA and actually shot my first assignments with it.
  15. Hi edw and jmahto I'm just coming into the middle of this, so sorry if I misunderstand what you are discussing. I just wanted to say that as photographers (and as you know, I'm sure), we all just make it work, whatever the equipment or situation. I've shot with film Leicas since 1980, I've rarely found a situation where I couldn't get the shot, and I'm talking about K64 and Tri-x. (50, f2 Summicron, 35 f2.8 Summaron, 28 f2.8 Minolta Rokkor) I've shot in India and when I ran out of K64 I was able to easily get Fujichrome (100) and kept shooting. The only time I used a flash was when a client (Canadian Opera Company) asked if I could also take photos at events they were holding for their donors - receptions, so I just popped on my old Vivitar 285 (I think) and took some nice flashy shots of happy people. Other than that I've shot, in bars, concerts, low light at ISO 400, 800. 64 or 100 (1/8th, 1/15th). Strangely, I've got some of my best shots and subsequent gallery requests for photos I've taken when I've just been a guest at events. Since I was all suited up, I didn't want to bring the Leicas, and just brought my little Yashica T4 happy snap (35mm 3.5). We all just make it work. Now we can have one camera (vs the 2 I would carry for colour and B/W) and we can have crazy ISOs. I rarely pushed Tri-x to 800, and never pushed K64. Only missed a shot when I was not prepared. Sorry for the long post, but It's more a general response to some of the other posts where people are complaining about other minor issues. I just wanted to remind us all that we have amazing cameras available now. If any of the Leica Ms don't fit our needs, we're lucky to have so many other cameras as options. In my opinion, in the M10 it seems like Leica has come quite close to my beloved film Ms, and after reading Leica's philosophy for the Ms, I'm happy they are intent on improving the core features going forward. Thanks, Sam
  16. Thanks for posting this. This is what I was wondering about. Some reviewers mention the "snap" and contrast of the files. I was wondering if a bit of "snap" or contrast was baked into the native files (if that's the correct term). I would always rather have flatter files to work with and add contrast as I see fit. I'm not concerned about the jpegs, just the original DNGs. Thanks Sam
  17. Re: Black or Silver? The UR-Leica I borrowed from the case at the Leica museum only comes in black, so I'm stuck! Anyway, I'm going back out to poke around behind Gare St. Lazare to see if that guy will jump over the puddle again.
  18. Hi Elan, Nice to read read your impressions after more than 2000 exposures. I am very interested in this camera. Could you post 1 or 2 of your favourites if possible? Thanks
  19. Hi Dirk, I agree, critical analysis and indeed constructive criticism is very important. What I meant was that there seem to be very many posts about missing features in Leica M cameras, and I hope the responses by Stephan Daniel and Jesko von Oeyhausen go a long way towards answering those questions or clarifying their position regarding the M cameras. Thanks, Sam
  20. Yes this was a good interview. I do hope it answers the questions many people seem to have so they don't have to keep fussing about spirit levels, hybrid rangefinders, EVFs etc., and allows them to just go out and shoot. I'm glad that Leica are trying to keep the M cameras simple and close to the original M philosophy as possible but as a digital camera. There are so many great cameras available that do have evf, video, spirit levels, touch screens. If that's what you need you have a lot of choice.
  21. Hi Seventies - Yes. I have had that for over 30 years. Just go out and take photographs. That's the best thing you could do.
  22. skanga

    Leica M 10

    I completely agree with Jono, and would like to add, there are so many great cameras available that do amazing things. Leave the Leica M alone, and try to maintain it's minimalism/simplicity or whatever you want to call it. It doesn't have to have all the latest features just because they are are available (see above: "there are so many great cameras..."). There are few things I know about well: shooting in different situations and with different cameras, and what it's like to shoot with Leica M cameras (and their limitations) since 1980. As we all know: they're small, fast, discreet and best suited for shorter focal lengths. One can be blazing fast with a Leica M, and as I have said before, I've only missed a shot when I have not been prepared (and this is with 2 cameras, one with K64 and the other with 400b/w film, now we can have one camera and high iso's!). However, there are photographers who do require video, electronic viewfinders, autofocus etc. Get one of the fantastic cameras out there that can give you what you need. Leica has even given it a shot with their other products. My advice and hope for Leica is that they keep improving the important things on the M: 1) reliability 2) the quality of the images produced by the sensor, and only increase mp if that won't affect image quality & speed, 3) speed (startup, and writing to card). Not much else I can think of - just keep improving the important things and don't make it a frankencamera. Over 10 years ago, in the early days of consumer digital cameras, I thought of my M2, and said "Just do that as a digital camera" It looks like they have more or less done it. My 2 cents. Thanks, Sam
  23. I agree with Leica Fanatic - exactly as many have said in the past "It's not the camera it's the photographer" I like the polythene solution! Now enough of sober common sense. I can't wait for the M11 to be the size of the Leica IIIg instead of the bloated M10, and I hope it has a digital level, and includes a remote so I can open my neighbour's garage door at will.
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