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  1. I dinged up my 12465 lens hood pretty badly (and probably saved my lens... camera fell off a bar bench where it was sitting next to me... winter clothing presents problems in Canada in keeping the camera on a shoulder at all times). It's still totally usable for now, it bent slightly inwards as it landed where the cutout for the viewfinder is so at the weakest point and bent inwards there. Not overly distracting in the viewfinder, certainly a little ugly from the outside (but that's fine for the time being). My question is: are there alternatives I should be considering to the 12465 ho
  2. Just happened to me too, with both my batteries. They both work fine, so I'm ignoring the message for now.
  3. I definitely get second glances with the M. But recognition is rare. Other photographers, mostly, and an older crowd. Unless I'm in Hong Kong. HK is so camera crazy someone is bound to spot it. A street vendor asked me in Cantonese if it was the new M once.
  4. Definitely certain, Exodies. It's unfortunate... but I will keep an eye out on whether it was a one-time bug or no. The SD card is regularly formatted after offloading with SD Formatter on the PC, and it recorded images fine after an off/on reset (and hasn't shown any problems since). I'll definitely clean the contacts as you suggest though jaap. And edward, yeah, I think I'll turn the image preview back on. I have had it off since I started using the camera over a year ago and since reliability hasn't been an issue at all, I haven't even thought about it. I was shooting quite quickly though,
  5. I just checked the timestamps. I lost 50 minutes of images. No new images were even being created.... the filenames on my DNGs go from L1003894.DNG to L1003895.DNG with a timestamp gap of 16:08 to 16:58. Utterly disappointing, had some good frames in there. =( I should add from an operation standpoint nothing appeared to go wrong, the camera was still metering, the shutter was still clicking, the whole time this happened. It's only when I finally had some downtime and wanted to check focus on some of the wider aperture shots that I noticed. Incredibly disappointed, for the first time, in my
  6. So I was shooting Toronto's Pride Parade today (luckily, not for work, just personal photos) and rapid-firing a LOT at F8 and perhaps I overran the buffer, but since I wasn't chimping, and the shutter was still actuating, I had NO idea for a good 30 minutes that no images were being recorded. I tried to hit the "Play" button to see my images and it didn't respond, so I flicked it off and on and the Play button worked again, but I lost a good 30 minutes to an hour of images. Up to this point the M240 has been utterly reliable and I use it all the time for shooting events/weddings, but this
  7. I'm also curious. I have to take my TU off in the studio when I put on my PWs. Would be really nice not to have to do that.
  8. Noted! http://johannkwan.com/?lens_gallery=scotland-the-people
  9. Lovely! Happy anniversary!
  10. My first set of photos from a recent trip to Scotland. Thought I might share. I'll be posting landscapes and other stuff soon as I have the time. I took my M (240) and a 35 Summilux. Travelling light. =) Scotland – The People | Johann Kwan Oh yes. The last image is from Newark Airport, and not Scotland. I just happen to like it a lot.
  11. I'd rather have full-frame. Which is why I own an M. At that price point though, it's positioned very well to compete against other mirrorless offerings. I don't like how form seems to take precedence over function here, but at the same time, the camera's not really built for me. It's not a pro 'tog's tool, really. They already have a lot of those. Speaking as someone who used to sell cameras in a consumer retail environment, I predict that this thing is going to fly off the shelves. It's simple, which is always a selling point. Controls seem intuitive, which is a selling point. It
  12. Thus far I wouldn't say I've done enough testing to give you a definite answer but the weather I have experienced has been fine with the M. This ice storm, and light/medium rainfall. It isn't the right time of year for rainstorms... And while I was in Hong Kong recently it was a dry part of the year. I would be hesitant to bring it sailing regularly though. The lenses are not sealed, so there isn't a gasket around the metal mount. As people have mentioned here there's a possibility of light leakage... Which I have not been able to reproduce with stock lens cap and a hat over the front elem
  13. Sounds like a battery issue... But no, I haven't. Wouldn't surprise me though... Subzero temperatures do silly things to electronics.
  14. First off. I know the lenses aren't weather sealed. I take great care to keep my camera dry as much as possible. But I live in Toronto. We've had an ice storm. And I've been shooting non-stop. And falling. A LOT. Shoulder rolling into them so the camera stays (mostly) dry, but snow sprays have caked the thing in white before I brush it off with my gloves and a dry cloth. It just keeps on truckin'. To the point where I haven't glanced at my DSLR gear (which I would usually think to bring out in rough conditions) I love this thing. And yes, I do use a B+W clear filter (as well as
  15. I don't mind the movie button ... As I have said. Some people do video. That's cool. But I'm a still photog. Let me reprogram it to something useful to my craft.
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