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  1. I don't know how you managed it, but you quoted the wrong person. I didn't say the words for which you quoted me
  2. Someone's nicked all the bog roll. I hate it when that happens
  3. If you want to see dust on your sensor, fit a pinhole lens – about F122 or more – take a picture. Be ready to be horrified – be afraid, very afraid.
  4. thank you. The good pictures don't need captions – and most of them don't even need descriptions.
  5. Maybe "Who'd have thought ...." might be a truer translation
  6. Not the first time this has been asked for - and ignored No need to disable it - just to be able to fix it in a single position + 1
  7. It's a bit surprising that the people who splash out on these cameras - Q2, M10M - aren't completely aware of these things in advance
  8. Google Slates are pretty rare – and in fact they've been discontinued now – although they are actually sensationally good although they were always a bit overpriced (a bit like Leica maybe???), However chrome books are all over the place and gaining hugely in popularity. They really are becoming a very mainstream device including in the UK
  9. Hi, I fully understand what you're saying. It's just I was so struck by your picture which I think is wonderful and I was wondering what I could do with it if it was mine. I don't know how I could reassure you that your trust wouldn't be misplaced – so probably had better leave it. But it's a lovely image.
  10. any chance of getting access to the raw file of this please? I'm curious about one or two things.
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