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  1. Where is that? Looks like Hadrian's wall
  2. I'm certainly thinking about it at first of all I need some advice about what case to get, whether I should get a neck strap or a wrist strap, what bag to put it in and also what would be the two best lenses to carry around with it. Also, does anybody think that I should fit a thumbs up on it and also should I keep the red dot or blacken it out and if so, should I use insulating tape or a felt tip? Once I have these matters clear in my mind then I will probably pull the trigger.
  3. The running time of both batteries is excellent
  4. I'm just giving this heads up in case anybody is interested – but maybe everybody knew it already and I was the last to find out. Anyway I was charging my batteries and for some reason or other I used a "PD" Power Delivery mains adapter. To my surprise, the little screen on the Nitecore charger started to display "quick charge" and the charging display started to change very quickly. Not only that, instead of simply charging one battery at a time as it normally does, both batteries are charging at the same time and at the same rate. Mind you, the whole thing started to get very hot. Fast charging is not good for batteries and should only be used if you really need a replenish battery quickly. Normally speaking it's much better for the life expectancy of the battery to put on a trickle charge overnight – but it was useful to know that the Nitecore would do this. Quite a surprise to me – although as I've said, maybe everybody knew already and they simply weren't telling me.
  5. I've just discovered this discussion here https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4539403 Which pretty well covers everything and in fact the OP in that thread says Which confirms the impression I had formed. One very interesting comment is and so what I'm starting to understand is that you can use either of the two versions of the 90 mm lens with the adapter in place and in that case you would use the lens and its collapsed state as a normal lens but extended for macro. The advantage of the newer version – 11670 – seems to be that because you can lock it closed, the lens is more stable. I'll have to read the thread a few more times and do a bit more looking around to see what other conclusions I draw
  6. Thanks. That's what I'm trying to find out. I'm trying to find out if both lenses can be used with the new adapter and what difference in usage might there be
  7. One of the problems with many of the discussions on this forum are that they don't refer to them by their numbers. They refer to them simply as "old" and "new" but as there are at least three collapsible lenses, it's never really clear what they're talking about
  8. Thanks for this. It's helpful. I keep on seeing that the adapter is designed for use with the 11670. I'd like to know what disadvantages they would be using it with the 11633 – which is generally speaking a slightly cheaper lens.
  9. Thanks for this. I was looking for a bit more narrative then rather than a list of specifications. I expect the wiki pages useful for somebody who is extremely technical – and I am certainly not
  10. I be grateful if somebody could run very quickly through the differences between these two lenses. They've been discussed in bits and pieces on this forum but I can't find any particular point by point comparison. I think I'm particularly interested in their use with the macro adapter 14652 Thanks
  11. Thank you but I didn't really understand the point of it indoors
  12. Why did you use the filter for this?
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