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  1. Are Leica TL2 firmware compatible for Leica T ?
  2. JHAG

    Van Dyck

    Collector and curator (not the son of…)
  3. Just chiming in. In my experience, I don't try to post pictures where resolution and sharpness is high in .psd ou .tiff originals, because no matter what I'm trying, conversion is too lossy, Jpeg don't retain these crisp details and those pics lose much of their interest. I rather post more "atmospheric" shots where sharpness is not paramount.
  4. JHAG

    Aki Kuroda

    I did not because we spent so much time laughing with Yoyo I just forgot to press shutter release…
  5. JHAG

    Art dealer 5

    Ach ja. Stimmt. Schmeckt so gut. Teuflisch.
  6. JHAG

    Art dealer 4

    True. But you deserve it, so be prepared. No truce !
  7. JHAG

    Aki Kuroda

    First living Japanese painter ever having a show at National Museum in Tokyo.
  8. JHAG

    Art dealer 4

    I'm with you, where shallow rimes with shadow and wallow (gallows humour).
  9. JHAG

    Art dealer 4

    Measuring the depth of my ignorance.
  10. JHAG

    Art dealer 4

    Please send her my regards and my email.
  11. JHAG

    Art dealer 4

    Expert Brewer, never to be faulted. "Knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven."
  12. JHAG

    Art dealer 5

    Would be slow suicide (delicious, admittedly, but nevertheless…).
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