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  1. Jaap and others, Thanks for pointing to Stephan Daniels previous post. I too had thought that Leica was covering M9 sensor replacements—which I thought was a generous, customer orientated policy. I sent an email to CS Solms to inquire about this seeming discrepancy. I'm awaiting their response.
  2. I sent my M9 to Leica New Jersey to have them look at some sporadic electronic—memory card and battery—issues that I was having. When it arrived Leica said that the sensor was cracked. It definitely wasn't cracked during my last shoot, so this was very surprising. I can only assume that it was damaged in transit, though Leica doesn't seem to think that was the case and stated that the packaging wasn't damaged... Leica quoted me $2450 to replace the sensor. Thankfully my insurance will cover the repair, but I am reluctant to go forward with repair since any underlying issues with this CCD/c
  3. Hi Tobey, Unfortunately the original files are gone, so I can't try that. Additionally, the line was visible in camera, before I imported the photos.
  4. Update: Last year I sent the camera to New Jersey where they replaced the CCD. On a recent trip the line showed up again. Similar situation to last time: they showed up in the same place on several consecutive shots and I haven't seen them since. It seems that the possibilities include: Allendale made a mistake and didn't replace my sensor. The problem wasn't with the sensor. The new sensor they put in was defective. Any ideas? (Please forgive the mediocrity of the attached example)
  5. Hi Eric, Welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear about your poor experience with Leica New Jersey. I have received good service from them previously. Recently I sent my M8.2 in for repair and had a similar experience to yours: after the promised date of return they called to tell me that they were still working on it. In my case they did comp the out-of-warranty because of the inconvenience. It's my understanding that they are swamped right now with the success of the M9, which is causing the long repair times. It might be worth talking to them to see if they are willing to reduce t
  6. This dosn't help the backup question, but if you are looking for the "leica look," have you considered using R glass with an EOS to R adapter?
  7. Maurizio and Stuart, Thank you.
  8. [ATTACH]252930[/ATTACH] From a new NBC ad campaign.
  9. You can also select multiple forums to search in by selecting them using command-click or shift-click, on a mac. You can also effectively deselect the ebay offers et al by highlighting all of the forums (click on the top forum in the list, scroll down, and shift-click on the bottom forum in the list) and then holding down command while clicking on the forums you want to deselect. These are just the standard commands for selecting multiples items in OS X, I've forgotten the corresponding commands in Windows.
  10. Leica Minilux: Vogue Fashion Director Tonne Goodman's It List - Vogue Daily - Vogue
  11. If anyone has a DMR for sale, please list your DMR in the Buy & Sell secition. The modest listing feel helps pay for the forum.
  12. Once the line issue surfaced, did they appear on all your images henceforth, or were they intermittent?
  13. Erik, I did try alternative raw converters to no avail. The lines were also visable when reviewing the photos in camera. Olsen, I haven't seen the lines in any photos since the twelve in a row that had them. This includes a 30 second exposure with the lens cap on, as per your recommendation.
  14. Well, it's backwards, so it really means "leica not pana."
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