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  1. 1968, as a student photo and film, my first M3 (second hand, a double stroke) now, when I am 63 years young, my M3, never has a CLA, it's in for a swap to single stroke, as there are no more parts for a 2 stroke my back up is a M2 now I daily use my IIIa my realy workhorse besite the M3 is a leica I factory upgraded to a leica II, and yes, some times I take a russian zorki (leica II copy) with me my lenses are uncoated, elmar, and summitar both 5cm my summitar is a "W.haven", with the marks on the back removed, some times I use a pinhole lens on my leica's and also
  2. yes, DAGcamera, the one's on their website are a different size thanks
  3. problem is, some one has polished out the marks on the back of the lens the lens serial is # 561079,
  4. I have a leica I rebuild to II in the factory, my problem is it is missing the 2 small rangefinder rings on the front side can some one help me to find 2 spares thanks romain
  5. I own a summitar 5cm f 1.2 from the W.Haven batch can some one give me more information about this lens, now I use it every day I am a fine art professional thanks ruchky
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