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  1. Leica enter the digital age ten years late. The reason is obvious, digital camera business isn't photo business, it is consumers business. They couldn't handle that at first. They dropped some unreliable electronic into a box and asked as usual a premium for it ! They are excellent at optics and micro mechanical but electronic is something else. As your post shows, they are still pulled and pushed between these two industries. Today many manufacturers are able to produce wonderful lenses for 1/4th of the Leica lens price and their craftmanship has nothing to envy anymore to Leica. The diffe
  2. Since Leica dropped its R's clients , I decided not to buy anything from Leica any more. Worse, I sold everything, my Re, R6 and four R lenses, my M3 (since 1963), my M6 with four M lenses. I am freed from Leica now. I remember when Leica was telling us that a digital M wasn't possible because of the too short distance from lens to sensor.....and now and M10 ?
  3. How can you find and not knowing the specs ? How many are you going to buy ? you need at least two for your "African Safaris" with a bunch of long tele lenses ! Can't wait to see your pictures !
  4. I cannot buy if I didn't sell before, I always did like this and it also a way to keep your shelves in order. So I put my R6 to sell with three lenses 35f2.8, 60f2.8 macro and 90f2.8. My best Leica pictures have been taken with this equipment, not the M. But I know for a fact now that Leica won't come out with an affordable R digital, if they produce one at all ; it will be another 5K at least I am tired of this. I may let go the M3 (fantastic shutter realease) but will keep the M6 because it is so.... so.... well we all know As what to buy, I don't know yet, lenses are all big zoom zo
  5. I followed another path. Up to now I am still with film because I didn't find any objective reason to switch to digital, IQ and prices weren't just fitting the bill. Needless to mention the M8....and Leica in general see here : http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/customer-forum/64771-leica-angry-customer.html Today I think things have changed and digital is mature enough to be considered seriously. The bunch of new cameras we see on the market or ready to be launched are very challenging, sadly Leica isn't in the game. So I am selling some of my equipment to enter digital.
  6. Sure it is interesting but that's all ! We want something less interesting but usable NOW ! Right off the shelf so to say may be not, but within a month surely. I know that a CFV for example is in stock. S2 wont be on retail before next summer, how many sales this will make in a year time? They can deliver the M8 and lenses, this market is already saturated, I fear they fall on their back before. R10 is for the time being "speculation", hope for next Kina at best ! Pity because that is very long waited and could have put Leica back on track if it was on the market NOW. A micro-third comp
  7. Dikdyk, I can assure you we are many in this situation, but we don't hang over forums, because we spend our time using the equipment. Many have already made the switch to some other brand, we are probably some of the most patient with Leica. I wrote this thread because I probably like and respect Leica much more than those nayLeica Forehead tattoed filling this forum. TO THEM: rush and buy this new M8-2 with the new Noctilux before buying the full S2 system next summer, actually you should put down the money right now, because you see until this date Leica will have a very hard time,
  8. I am an old timer Leica customer, M3, M6, RE, R6 with seven lenses, and I am very mad and dissatisfied to say the least by Leica these last few years because, I have to face it, I was under the illusion they would at last produce a sensible digital camera after so many years. This Photokina was a dead line and my disappointment is high. But to understand lets go back to the beginning. In the film days Leica provided first rate mechanical cameras at very high prices, simple and long lasting, the top premium spent could be justified in that respect, one ten years investment. But still Lei
  9. sinwen


    Good editing work in PS, proof is everyone enjoy it, me too.
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    It is a single eyeglass. But I think it is the same word in English.
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    all lined up

    The colour version has a lot more power to me.
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    Thanks for looking
  13. Many thanks for your participations, actually I wanted to know if the portrait with the foreground could be appreciate, and it seems that all who prefer this second picture would erase the foreground. That is one point, then between landscape and portrait it seems well balanced so both had to be made.. Intructive....thanks.
  14. Thanks to all for your nice comments, but you know it is easy when nature gives you this to watch.
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