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  1. I have tried the portrait orientation and it works fine without interfering with the Manfrotto pocket tripod as in the picture. The 1/4 thread mount to the camera is also a slider so it is very easy to adjust depending on which camera you have
  2. Hi.. This is just a no-name brand from Amazon.. $15....you can search for Universal Flex Tilt head Z bracket
  3. BTW.. the Z-bracket is also arca compatible for quick full size tripod mount
  4. Just want to share in the forum I have been searching for a pocket tripod for years and I think I have found it. it is just a Manfrotto pcoket tripod + a mini Z-bracket I can easily do portrait shot as well. It has all the function as a ball-head but without the size and other tripod limitation Cheer
  5. itzeddy

    Why Leica?

    I had numerous discussion with friends on why Leica and this topic is probably well discussed already among the Leica community but just want to share in this forum of my thoughts This is like a Porsche vs. Tesla, mechanical watch vs. Quartz watch debate that people can more relate to. There is an engineering art to Porsche, a mechanical watch that Tesla, quartz watch does not offer, but of course, Tesla, quartz watch offers something else that Porsche and mechanical watch do not offer. This decision/debate should start with the baseline there is no right/wrong end result I tr
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