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  1. I did have copies of various images taken by Barnack and certainly the one of Barnack with his Cine Camera and although I could not find a similar location we took the camera to Brighton beach (UK) trying to invoke that post Victorian period. For anyone that knows Brighton, the image of the pier in the background is the West Pier which no longer exists except for skeleton metal structure. These are a couple of the images that feature in the article but I thought it would be of interest to post it here.
  2. Georg, Yes I missed that out - I have only heard that it recently was put on display after years of not being seen, so your images were a very pleasant surprise. It must have been an amazing experience to see and photograph Oscar Barnack's cine camera, and the fact you managed to get Leica to agree to this. No mean feet I believe. Also, it is great to such lovely images. Thank you.
  3. Hi Georg, Thank you for posting those images - fantastic. It is 35 years (I think) since I photographed the camera handled it etc. and I do feel privileged to be a part of its history, albeit very small. It is great to "see" it again and in the same place that Barnack was photographed using it. I do believe it has been put on view in the new Leica museum. I have been a lifelong Leica man, but I tend to look and enjoy the posts, by no means a lurker, just a very interested Leica enthusiast - thank you for the welcome.
  4. I believe that this article about the restoration by Malcolm Taylor of Oscar Barnacks cine camera and photographs taken of the restored camera in the mid to late 1970's will be of interest to Leica historians. The Leica Before the First Leica Best regards, Wilf James.
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