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  1. Wowderful....it is amazing for a modern country which still maintain its tradition culture
  2. Wish Everyone a Blessed 2017 Tailors on the street L1000560 by Quan, on Flickr L1000569 by Quan, on Flickr Shoesmith L1000548 by Quan, on Flickr Used or new ? L1000547 by Quan, on Flickr I am just a coolie L1000517 by Quan, on Flickr Juice or anything fried ? L1000510-2 by Quan, on Flickr Prepare for the day biz L1000508 by Quan, on Flickr Hope you enjoy it Cheers All shoot with M9 + SEM21
  3. Minimal reflection of these nice photo series.
  4. at Jin De Yuan temple in Jakarta, which still not rebuild after burn down almost 2 years ago Prayer by Quan, on Flickr MM+Cron28
  5. Quan

    Smokin Thoughts

    His eyes show no worry....superb portraiture
  6. Can understand if this is done in cheap labor country....this must be of love Thanks Stuart
  7. Quan

    Day dream

    2 stop down Day dream-2 by Quan, on Flickr
  8. Quan

    Day dream

    Thanks Rodrigue, will try as suggested
  9. Quan

    Day dream

    Thanks Brill64
  10. Quan

    Day dream

    Dreaming by Quan, on Flickr M9+Lux35FLE
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