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  1. .... in the end, what coding was best for the Summaron 35 3,5 and what would be the suggestion coding a Summaron 35 2,8 for M9/M240
  2. Thank you for your answer - so I am still a little confused but "on a higher level" My Version IMHO should be a so called M2 Version SIMOM as far as I understand - this lens should have RF coupling and should near focus to 0,7 on any M-mount camera body . Is this correct?
  3. Thank you for the answers 1 on my cameras I have 35 frame lines and rangefinder coupling 2 yes I do not understand # 85 3 I will send some pictures to you directly
  4. I am happy I found this thread about the 35mm 2,8 Summaron lenses. I have a Summaron from the first batch of M-Mount lenses (#16150001to 1616000 from 1958) which should be the so called M2 Version with 0,7 near focus distance and the Leica adapter with the little screw mentioned in some of the comments. 1. Question #1 - did I classify this lens correct as M2 version? 2. Question #2 - I do not understand the helical thread thing concerning my lens? 3. Question #3 - is my lens anything special I am very sorry but I find it a bit confusing as it is not so easy to find informations about this lens - at least for me Thanks for helping my finding out more details about my lens.
  5. Thanks for the link to the TEWE Polyfocus - just guessing it will be hard to find one
  6. Hello, in my case the black spots in the finder were some oil drops on the optical parts just an additional idea regards Andreas
  7. Thank you very much for the details on the "click positions" I will use them end no intermediate posistions
  8. yes you are right Luigi Bertolotti - I found this article and had it just on my cellphone - my mistake - I was confused about the pictures here but did not realize that the dials did not match the same position on the small pictures - so I thought the 1000 for example is quite different on one dial compared to the other - and this did not match the other answers - my mistake - everything is fine as the dials do not match position and therefore it is not comparable - sorry for re-asking - will check twice in the future BTW thank you very much for sharing the information on the Leicameter D
  9. Thank you very much for these M3 variation posts one question to the speed dials I have a speed dial 1 2 5 10 25 50 100 250 500 1000 but on my Leicameter MR4 I have the "newer" scale with ..... 30 60 125 ..... I will use the MR4 on the M3 - so I have different scales - will this work out well so will the setting 60 on the Leicameter MR4 also set 60 on the M3? I am not sure if it is a real problem - just curious
  10. as everything works smooth with the viewfinder - as soon as the nose is loose and I can clean the lenses ... I can skip the other procedures which are to disassemble the rest
  11. Thank you for your help in this amazing forum. I read the manual over and over again and decided I will have to take my time to get everything right. Not really sure if I will make it the next two weeks - but will keep you updated
  12. Thank you very much! This is amazing! After removing the first two screws I was not able to take off the "nose" yesterday so probably I did not dare to apply enough "force" - but as it is the correct way I will retry BTW thank you from Bavaria to Austria (as I see in the profile to Vienna)
  13. I already opened it and cleaned the side with the prism in it - no problem but I failed again in opening the "silver" side of the viewfinder today - I removed all the screws but was not able to open it - further I did not dare to force it open as some mechanical parts already started moving inside ..... probably next time in Wetzlar they can do it while I am going to have a coffee
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