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  1. My first thought was get a Q2 given your 28mm preferences! I have the 28mm elmarit on my M10M as my all-rounder ! I haven't tried the other lenses you mention, but for size and quality, the elmarit would be my choice. Your arguments suggest you will take the summicron and as this will be your only lens the few extra grams should not be an issue, though it may prevent you taking extra plasters! My thoughts are that the ISO capabilities in today's cameras are such that the extra f stop makes little difference, unless, as you said, DOF is necessary for some of your shots. The ide
  2. M10M 90mm f2 University of Liverpool Building with LR sepia toning - to reflect the browny colour of the 'scales'. PS Not sure if toning is allowed on this image thread - so please remove if inappropriate.
  3. M10M 90mm f2 - Liverpool RC Cathedral
  4. Triangular scones, that is not right! But they look good. At least you put the cream on first then the jam/ jello/ strawberries !
  5. After I passed my driving test I told my father I would one day own a Porsche, his wise response was anybody can buy a Porsche but can they afford to keep it running! I just wish he warned me about Leica’s in the same way and the increasing cost of Portra before I bought my M7. I think you are doing the right thing and will be interested to hear your opinion on the service and condition of the camera when it returns. Footnote: I never could afford a Porsche!
  6. Hello Everybody, I will be making an order with Photographers Formulary next week and intend to re-order some more Sodium Metaborate, having sold out. Please let me know any other ‘dry’ items you would like (go to http://stores.photoformulary.com/film) and I will find out if it is in stock and the likely price. I have had an enquiry for some Pyro 510 so intend to order some of this, but it will only be a few packets unless demand indicates otherwise. I do ask that if you request a chemical that you follow up and buy the item, just to keep postage costs low. Try and let me know by Mond
  7. Crikey ! Who needs a macro lens !
  8. M10M ISO 160 28mm Elmarit f8 1/25s. River Conwy on a cold April morning.
  9. M10M ISO 160 28mm Elmarit f6.8 1/25s. Conwy Castle on a cold April morning.
  10. Thanks Gary. Funnily enough I went over to the Fuji system and that didn't work for me as well. As I said I am really enjoying the T and as others have mentioned the TL and CL are such capable little cameras they become the 'go to' camera.
  11. Can I ask why you have rejoined and why you left in the first place, I guess to another system? I am enjoying using the TL and only bought it as a stop gap until the CL2 becomes available but at the moment I don't see any reason to upgrade.
  12. M10M ISO 800 1/125s probably F2.8/4 with Zeiss 21mm F2.8. Possibly -2/3 exp compensation for highlights.
  13. M10M ISO 800 1/125s probably F2.8/4 with Zeiss 21mm F2.8. Possibly -2/3 exp compensation for highlights.
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