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  1. I bought some JJC pouches (albeit for my Olympus lenses) but my M lenses fit perfectly fine in them - here JJC Mirrorless Lens Pouch Bag Protective Case for Canon Fuji Olympus Nikon Sony Lenses, Soft Neoprene Water Resistant Travel Carry Camera Lens Wrap with Carabiner (Interior Size 2.6 x 3.1") : Amazon.co.uk: Luggage I like the way you can flip the top over rather than the cord closure system. I don't use the carabiner. I also liked the Optech neoprene pouches https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B098XB3HSN/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s01?ie=UTF8&th=1 Again, I like the flip over tops rather than the toggle system.
  2. What printer do you recommend for black and white images? Thanks.
  3. I still enjoy using film but I must admit the immediacy of using digital is becoming more appealing. If I was to get an M11 I would use the B&W setting as I do when using the Q2 - which would be heresy given I have the M10M ! The Q2 is one camera I would not sell, it is my go to camera at the moment. Having discussed Leica APOs I am now more tempted by the Voigtlander's having taken note of recommendations and reviews on the internet. I don't really need a lens - I am only looking as it is my birthday and I need cheering up !
  4. When I bought my first Leica I bought the 28mm Elmarit and 50mm Summicron (the latter coming in a kit with the M7). 35mm and 50mm do seem to be the Leica 'standards' though it is interesting that Leica chose 28mm for the Q series cameras, a focal length I like and along with my 50mm is my preferred combination. The idiom 'buy cheap pay twice' may well apply given you currently don't want to destroy your account. If you want to keep to one camera and one lens, I would get the 35mm Summicron if you can afford it. Otherwise I would consider buying both a Voigtlander/ Zeiss* 35mm and 50mm to determine your preferred focal length. If you buy a second hand one from an auction site, you probably will not lose that much when (if) you come to re-sell. One point to bear in mind (as was recently pointed out to me) is how you intend to present your images, say, large prints or on a computer screen to family and friends, which may help you decide if you need top of the range or not. Welcome to the forum and you will enjoy the M10, however, as was also recently pointed out to me, all paths do lead to the M11 and APO lenses ... * These are not cheap lenses by any means, I am more than happy with the ones I have, they just render differently.
  5. I knew they were expensive, but not that much ! No M11 as well, I am afraid. As you said, I am lucky to have what I have now. I know many people say never sell Leica lenses but the earlier post about 'one camera one lens' makes so much sense for my kind of photography, which is no specific type. I will try to stick to the M10 M and 50mm ... though I may just keep the 24mm and the 35mm ... maybe the 90mm as well.
  6. There is a lot to be said for just having the one lens and working hard to get an image that does not readily suit that focal length. I think all paths may well do for many of us! Having said that, I have just checked the price of an APO and feel this will not be on my path!
  7. I have the M7 and M10M, along with the Summicron 35mm v4 and Summilux 50mm, amongst a few other lenses (including Leica, Zeiss and Voigtlander). As much as I would want an APO 50 and M11, I just cannot see how they could provide such a significant improvement on what I currently have/ want. There appears to be no order of magnitude difference between either the old and new, and the lenses (summicron & summilix vs. apo). Furthermore, I do not have the ability to fully utilise this equipment to its fullest or the capability to present any images to their best. As someone mentioned maybe I should start getting a good printer. (By the way, I also have the Q2, which is probably the best camera I have ever owned and covers my colour requirements).
  8. Exactly the response I deserved! I didn't mean to be so abrupt, your points were more than valid and this is my frustration with forums/ emails etc sometimes it is difficult to get my message across. This answers my original question perfectly. I do wonder if I would see any difference between a number of prints taken with these lenses !
  9. Ok, here we go ... I asked for thoughts rather than mathematical equations or philosophical discussion. Thank you to those who provided some direction.
  10. Can you expand on this please? Is this because the M11 live view is so much better than older models?
  11. This sums up the question perfectly. I will make a point of reading this review. It is Jono Slack's images and reviews of the M11 and APO lens that started my thinking. Maybe I shouldn't read anymore of his reviews!
  12. Thank you all for your comments. I should have been clearer that I recognise ALL Leica lenses are good, the term "lesser" was more to note that the difference in price between the ranges (Summilux, Summicron, etc) suggesting some hierarchy. My thread was to question whether the latest camera/ sensor can improve on a combination of best lens/ older sensor, that is, is there a sensor size where some (Leica) lenses will not be able to perform at such high MP/ resolution ? As I mentioned this is all very subjective hence wanting to hear other's opinions. As much as I would like an M11 I do not require such MP. The APO does appeal to me given the design, engineering and images I have seen to date. But, as has been mentioned the only way to determine the true quality/ render of a lens is by investing in a good screen and/ or printer. Like most things in life, it all comes down to personal taste,. Thanks again.
  13. I started to write this thread on the M11 forum, however, as I started to write it, it became obvious I was asking about the lens rather than the new M11. I bought into the Leica M system for the lenses and leaving aside the obvious, that most modern cameras and lenses can take great pictures, is it better to spend money on an APO lens (and buy/ keep an older digital M) rather than getting the latest 60 MP digital M and using a ''lesser'' lens ? All very subjective, but I would be interested to hear the views of APO users.
  14. My first thought was get a Q2 given your 28mm preferences! I have the 28mm elmarit on my M10M as my all-rounder ! I haven't tried the other lenses you mention, but for size and quality, the elmarit would be my choice. Your arguments suggest you will take the summicron and as this will be your only lens the few extra grams should not be an issue, though it may prevent you taking extra plasters! My thoughts are that the ISO capabilities in today's cameras are such that the extra f stop makes little difference, unless, as you said, DOF is necessary for some of your shots. The idea of walking the Camino Santiago sounds wonderful and I hope you have a great time.
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