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  1. Guytou/ Mike thanks for your replies. The Sigma lenses are getting very good reviews, which your photos also confirm The macro lens would also double up for scanning medium and format film as well, so I need to do a bit more research if the 105mm would provide a suitable angle of view from the height of my converted enlarger or if the 70mm would be better.
  2. Yes, I was thinking the same about the 90mm macro on the CL/ TL and why has the TL 60mm been dismissed, is it being 3x the price of the 105mm?
  3. Thanks Steve, I just wanted to make sure it was nothing to do with the tanks, which I can now confirm as the C-41 went well this morning. Clearly, my mishandling of the films roll caused the problems I had.
  4. Thanks for this. My memory is terrible and I need to take notes while out and in the darkroom but now you say this, there was one film where I got the strap caught between the film cassette and film back holder while inserting the film cassette, then pulled it out a few or more shots later ! The film back was a Hasselblad A12. An idiotic thing to do, I know. And one roll, if not the same roll, did need retightening once I took it out the cartridge. It was an early morning ... I think this must be the reasoning, but then 250swb processing light leak has me confused.
  5. Thanks Steve. When you say processing problem, light leak, whatever, do you mean there is a light leak within the tank (jobo drum) during processing?
  6. I don't think so, but I found it quite difficult loading the reels, so this could be a reason.
  7. Continuing the recent threads on film development problems, can someone offer some advice on what is going on with this development? I have attached a photo, which hopefully shows the gradual darkening of he negative in 3 stages. Not the best background I know. The development was per the Massive Dev Chart: Pyrocat 2+2+100 for 10 mins at 22 deg C on the slow revolution setting of my CPE2 (Sandy King recommended the slow setting though I have also read that max speed should be used ...). I mixed 260 ml of developer where the drum states 240ml, I didn't trust it would be enough !!!
  8. Try Alan Starkie at https://www.cameraworks-uk.com/about-us He was inundated a year of two back and I waited months for him to repair my CL but he did a good job.
  9. Define 'Better' - I think I mean is it worth carrying an additional lens in the TL Summilux - are the images wow! compared to a 35mm f2 ? But then the picture of the lenses side-by-side has probably made my mind up ! Thanks for this.
  10. I have attempted a search for this topic and apologies if it has already been asked and answered. Has anybody used a M Mount lens on their TL/ CL and then used a TL lens and thought the TL lens is better ? In particular the 35mm focal length, I have 35mm M Summicron v4.
  11. Has anybody any idea when the CL2 will be available ? There was the rumour it would be this April but given Covid I am wondering if there have been any updates.
  12. jplomley - I am now where you were back in August but I am torn between the M10 M and the Hasselblad 907x. I have sufficient lenses for both the M series and the V system but will need to invest in a new printer. Did you ever pull the trigger and what are your thoughts if you did? The cost of the M10 M is ludicrous but having the M7 and MP (having sold the M240 and I may well sell the MP to subsidise the M10 M) the temptation of digital B&W images would be a natural progression for me. However, for landscapes and architecture photography the 907x would complement my V system. I
  13. I would always go for the M7. Yes, the M6 is mechanical and probably more ‘iconic’ but given you are familiar with manual metering, aperture mode is nice to have and can save time. I would be interested to hear how many M7 users have had problems with the electronics.
  14. I would take the X100f and if there is enough room take the 75mm lens.
  15. Can someone please explain 'loose some film speed' and how this can affect printing. Thanks.
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