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  1. I tend to use the 35mm and 50mm most as I find them interesting focal lengths for environmental shots with models.
  2. I've had some more time with this lens and its definitely becoming one of my fav for model shoots. A few more pics to share
  3. First set of samples. As mentioned I found the focus quite snappy. I also particularly like the colour rendering of the lens, the one shot inside with the lego has had little editing. The shot from outside, definitely has a nice micro contrast (although as expected with that scene, focus was not super sharp given 3 subjects / wide open), but I love the rendering.
  4. The lens arrived last week, I had a chance to photograph at kids birthday party over the weekend and I would say the focus speed is comparable to my 35 / 75 SL native lenses. Will post some pictures later for anyone that might be interested in the the SL2 / Panasonic 50mm combo.
  5. Thanks for the information, sounds like it lens should be suitable for my needs.
  6. I'm pretty close to pulling the trigger on the panasonic 50mm 1.4 and was wondering if someone who has tried the 50mm on a SL2 might comment on how they have found the autofocus speed (compared with the 35 / 75 sl summicron). The extra stops is pretty important for me for low light shooting.
  7. Just placed my order on the leica uk store. Not a whisper from the waiting lists I'm on with other dealers
  8. Matty I do apologise, the wind blown elegance should have given it away. Forgot to ask another question, are there any evf adjustable settings e.g. brightness
  9. Thank Jono, bite size as in digestible information 😀 Always enjoy seeing Matty pics, I’m pretty certain my usual subjects aren’t going to be as nimble as him so that’s good feedback.
  10. Hi Jono, Firstly thanks for the write up, informative and bite size just the way I like it Having read your positive comments regarding the AF, I was wondering if you might add how your experience compares to shooting say your dog with the original SL? I've not had the best of experience with tracking photos, more hit than miss, so I'm hoping the SL2 is a little more responsive on that front. Thanks! Andy
  11. I popped into richard caplan to pick up a sl 35 lens and also enquired about the q2, they currently have one in stock and more coming with no waiting list so if you are in the UK worth checking them out.
  12. Lovely shots. I'm thinking of picking up a Q2 as my main travel camera before my trip to Okinawa and southern Japan in Nov.
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