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  1. Walking in the Woods of West Africa... Soothing, relaxing and contemplating experience when walking in the woods of West Africa, freshly shaken by a storm with leaves covering the soil. Leica M10 - TriElmar @16mm f8.0 ISO400
  2. In the woods with the cocoa farmers of West Africa's Ghana, just after a heavy rain storm has shaken the farms...depicting the heavy fall of leaves under the solid tree persepctive and stepped by the farmer's boots. Leica M10 + TriElmar lens on 16mm f8.0
  3. very happy to contribute for such a great project... Already donated and submitted my photos. Thank you
  4. The only item that has attracted my attention in the launch of the new TL system is the EVF Visoflex Type 020 and I believe that the Leica M system deserves an updated version of its EVF with higher resolution, sensor for the eye (to switch it on/off), a tilt and swivel movement for more convenience....so Leica I hope this one is coming Your thoughts / input please...
  5. thank you to all members who have genuinely replied to my question....I have enjoyed each and every reply, comment, input, feedback...knowing that there is no conclusion for such a dscussion It will go on and on...as long as Leica exists...
  6. With all do respect to other brands........I thought the essence of enjoying a Leica M system is when you use Leica lenses AND NOT other brands....thinking that Leica M lenses are specifically calibrated to match the best result for the system, BUT my QUESTION is Can we get BETTER result and Image Quality with non Leica / other brand lenses?? Please share your best experience by indicating lens(es)
  7. I started with a 50 Summilux ASPH, brilliant lens, then I got the 35 Summilux FLE, after that, I have never taken it off my M240...never again..
  8. I hardly use my 50 lux ASPH and I am more a wide angle lens user, so is it better to sell the 50 lux or trade it in and pay the difference to get a 21mm lux ASPH???
  9. And here is an official reply from Leica: Dear Mr. Ghandour, Thank you for your e-mail. I took a look at the download record of your Leica M #XXXXXXX You had downloaded Lightroom 5 in January, 2014. I’m sorry to inform you, but customers who already have downloaded Lightroom 5 before Lightroom 6 was launched at April 22th, 2015 are limited to the preservation of Lightroom 5. Even if there is still one more download left. The TAN is always associated with the Lightroom version you have had downloaded first. In your case, Lightroom 5. I’m sorry for that. Of course you have the possib
  10. I am seriously considering to do so, but preferred first to discuss it in the forum, maybe I might be missing a point before addressing Leica officially...
  11. From all the answers received, based on actual experience of all Leica colleagues in this forum, I still insist that it is the main responsibility of the software provider (Leica) to issue a statement to existing owners of Leica cameras and to clarify "What the existing owner of a Leica gets or does NOT get"! whether through using s/n or TAN, first time or second time, before/after announcement of LR6!!! It is a complete confusion!!!!
  12. Then Is it the responsibility of the software developer (Adobe) or software provider (Leica) to clarify this grey area?
  13. but when upgrading from LR5 to 6, then you are still using the same LR5 s/n to upgrade towards LR6, without getting any new s/n!!!
  14. so let them say so instead of leaving existing users in a Grey Area, without knowing it! This is the main issue I am tackling: efficient communication with existing Leica owners before attracting new ones with Strong Selling Line "You get LR6 with your new purchase"!!!!!
  15. simply they can mention that existing users have to pay for the upgrade, THAT's IT!
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