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  1. From the rear fins/rudders and the strut suspension for the wheels, some kind of aerocar?
  2. My customary 2-lens travel kit is comprised of 28 and 75 'crons; find this works well for me. These on an M9. If considering an M8-equivalent crop factor and the M9 "full frame", this works out to effective FOV's of 28, 35, 75, and 90.
  3. Very well done portraits; I particularly like the one of Scott Pruett (eventual co-winner in DP).
  4. Camera That Snapped Picasso Goes For $2.19 Million, Becomes World's Most Expensive (SLIDESHOW)
  5. I downloaded and installed 6.4.2 today. Am using Snow Leopard OS, which works fine. Cannot comment on Snow Lion usage.
  6. malcolm

    Man with M2

    Larry, The "toning" on the M2 body looks more titanium than the lighter tones in the rest of the b&w image. Was this deliberate, or are my old eyes deceiving me?
  7. Poas volcano, Costa Rica M9, 28 'cron, SilverEfexPro2.0
  8. Michael, Your image brings back memories of the 2 Zone VI workshops I attended in the late '70s and early '80s. If I remember correctly, the camera around Fred's neck was an M2 with 35mm lens - which he used primarily for moving subjects; he also used a Nikon F with 105 lens for portraits.
  9. See also this thread: Leica 12589 vs 12466 replacement hood for 35 Lux ASPH old
  10. Assuming you do NOT wear glasses, in which case even the framelines for 28 mm may be difficult to see at one glance - and may require some slight horizontal shifting of eye position to see the full 28mm field of view.
  11. I recently ordered a 12466 hood for use with a 28 'cron, and UliWer asked me to post any additional thoughts or impressions I might have. I received the 12466 hood today, and following are my impressions: The hood is very/ridiculously/absurdly expensive (pick one) - even by Leica standards - and certainly will not be for everyone; It does not vignette the image at all on an M9 (I assume the same will be true for M film bodies); It does vignette noticeably (but not substantially) less on the viewfinder than the stock 12451 hood. Below are a few photos, showing: Front of camera with 12451 hood and 28 'cron lens focussed at infinity; Front of camera with 12451 hood and 28 'cron lens focussed 0.7 meters; Front of camera with 12466 hood and 28 'cron lens focussed at infinity; Front of camera with 12466 hood and 28 'cron lens focussed at 0.7 meters; Viewfinder (partial view) showing intrusion of 12451 hood relative to 90mm frame; and Viewfinder (partial view) showing intrusion of 12466 hood relative to 90mm frame.
  12. Ronald beat me to a reply. Additional information: I think this a Datsun 1600 Roadster.
  13. UliWer, Thanks. Just the information I was looking for.
  14. UliWer, Thanks for your replies. I appreciate that you have your own schedules, and cannot be expected to be exclusively a responder to others' interests. re: " though I am not sure about what you want me to measure on those photos: overall length on camera with hoods, diameter of the hoods on the front and from the rear?" - what I am most interested in is relative viewfinder blockage with the 12541 and 12466 hoods. That is, does the 12466 hood intrude noticeably less on the 28mm viewfinder frame than the 12541? From your photos, it appears that for length the 12466 is about 2mm "shorter" when mounted on the lens than the 12541 (about 75mm overall lens + hood vs. about 77 mm for the 12541). But I can't tell about viewfinder intrusion - the round 12466 with the curved slot vs. the rectangular 12541 with the cutout. I apologize for pursuing all these detailed questions, but it's important to me - especially considering the extremely high price for the 12466 (even if one can be found). Again, I appreciate all the time you have spent on this subject, and the insights you have provided.
  15. lct and UliWer, Thanks very much for your information and photos. Uliwer: In your first image (showing both 28 and 35 lenses and their hoods with the ruler), is the 28 hood shown the "stock" #12451?. Could you post photos of the 28 'cron separately with the 12451 and 12466 hoods, and especially (all with the ruler): a) mounted on an M camera and viewed from the front - showing width and shape of hoods; mounted on an M camera and viewed from the top - ditto; and c) the hoods alone from the "rear" (e.g., flat on a table) - ditto. From your photo of the 12466 hood on the 28 'cron, it appears that the rear of the hood rests next to the aperture ring, whereas the rear of the 12451 hood (in your first image, and on my lens) is about 1/8" forward of that - does this make rotating the aperture ring more difficult with the 12466 hood? Do you know whether either the 12589 (original for 35 'lux Aspherical?) or the 12466 hood vignettes with the 28 'cron on film Ms or M9? Thanks very much.
  16. Ronald - please go ahead. I don't have any interesting car pix at the moment. Malcolm.
  17. See: The Unsharp Mask: Moiré Removal in Photoshop This can also be done in Phase One's Capture One software - moire tool.
  18. Beautiful E-Type, and nice photos. Because of bumpers & headlight covers, I'm guessing a Series I?
  19. malcolm

    Crossed Walk

    Has the photo been reversed? Normally, the bicycle chain is on the rider's right.
  20. Michael, good stuff. Are you sure #2 and #3 weren't actually taken by your daughter (see "My New M2" thread) and that you're taking the credit?
  21. Actually, Stuart, it's a 2-door sedan with the "B" pillar painted black to give the impression of a hardtop. Still a great looking car. I also like the "fuzzy" dice in the '56 station wagon.
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