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  1. Julian, Glad you followed up with OC Camera. I sold my SL and Zoom and got the M10 and have begun shooting with the Fuji XT2 and was there buying a Fuji lens. Told him my M10 is for pleasure and the Fuji is for work. Than he says, we have a M10 in stock and the same thing about people not returning his calls, "I will sell it to the first person that calls" I told him that I will post and someone will buy in by the end of the day.
  2. I was at OC Camera in Orange County at noon and was told that a new M10 had just arrived.
  3. I had a feeling this was coming, the reason I traded in my SL and 24-90 zoom 3 weeks ago. I decided on a Thursday and the following Monday I my silver M10 at the orginial price and some accessories to use with my 28mm Lux and APO 50mm. I still had funds available and I ordered a mirrorless system and a zoom. The SL is a wonderful system, no complaints. I just didn't want to walk around large construction worksites with the SL.
  4. Updated the new firmware, in camera information, I see the correct firmware but it is greyout. Is this normal?
  5. No offense to Texas since my dad was from El Paso and I was born on the other side of the Rio Grande. My wife and I will be taking a few trips there this fall to scout for retirement. No offense to Georgia. I think I will return to the FM forum, I can't win today.
  6. I am sorry I mentioned the SL in my post. It was more to let folks know that the are Leica Dealers in areas where people are not lining up to spent $6,600 on a camera. I learned this when I was shooting with Canon and the 1Ds or the new 5Ds were announced, found them in Texas and Georgia not B&H.
  7. On Thursday, decided to get the M10. Made a few phone calls and I will receive my Silver M10 on Monday. I have also sold my SL and 24-90 zoom, great equipment but I don't have a need for it as I prepare for retirement. My 28mm, 50mm and 90mm is all I need. I no longer want to be a lens collector.
  8. Wasn't there a list of the firmware updates before the focus of their thread changed? I have gone back to see the list and it disappeared.
  9. Getting back to the firmware, when does it go live?
  10. I wonder what UPS is going to do with your SS number. Do they report it for tax purposes? I live in Calif., would they report something to the Tax Franchise Board regarding the sales tax? Of course I self report everything I purchase from outside the state.
  11. I traded in my M240 for the SL and also obtained the 24-90 zoom last summer, but I still had the rangefinder itch for my 28mm Lux and APO 50mm. Dan Tamarkin was able in March to obtain a beautiful silver M9 with new sensor and a year warranty. I checked and I have the CCD ID: 15 CCD Board ID: 2 Control Brd ID: 2 M16C ID: 0 I am again enjoying the M9 color, I have a M10 on order but I am ambivalent whether to actually get it or wait until next year.
  12. Mr. Duncan, Just cancel the order and take the hit on the fee. Your energies and focus is needed in your recovery not in this back and forth with the photo shop and trying to get someone else to take your order. I am sorry you needed to pay in full and tie up the funds in your credit card and pay interest on that charge. 7 years ago, I had just bought a Canon 1D MarkIV and then got hit by a car while walking my dog. A month hospital stay as a trauma patient and a year in a wheelchair, I touched my new camera just once in 14 months just to remember what 11 frames per second sounded like bu
  13. Last year, I sold my M240, while value was still high, in order to obtain the SL and 24-90 zoom, I wanted the versatility. I kept my APO 50mm, M-90mm Elmarit and ended up getting the 28mm Lux. I have seen and used the M10 and have played with dozen of files, great camera and wonderful files. I placed my name on the list and thought about selling my SL kit. But reality and brain finally won over my heart, this week, Dan Tamarkin called me about a silver-gray M9 with a new sensor and 1 year warranty. On Monday, I will have my new/old M9 along with my SL. I didn't want to be in a either/or s
  14. I use my SL and the SL zoom with the Harry Benz SL Brogue strap across my body. Last Friday at the company picnic used this setup all afternoon and did not notice any fatigue. I do the same in DTLA for street shooting, I also don't feel the need to use the hood.
  15. According to the new article in Red Dot Forum, the SL Summicrons will have 67mm front diameters. Some great information, nice job by David Farkas.
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