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  1. They were very kind and send me the pictures of the M2, the camera is fully functional but cosmetically seems it went through a few wars. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being pristine, I would say is a solid 3.
  2. Thank you Narsuitus, Yes, I see they have a Leica M4-2, Ex+ $950 and a Leica M2 Self-Timer, VG $1,100. I will contact them too since I haven't completed the process yet. There are no pictures so I am sure for them what do their ratings mean. I also contact Mr. Youxin Ye and he says he can do an express CLA with no problem so I can have my camera ready for December.
  3. Thank you Narsuitus, I will check that too.
  4. Thank you for your replies, I already made contact with Red Dot Cameras and I am in the process of getting from them a beautiful silver M4 with a 6-month warranty .
  5. Good evening, For my upcoming December Korea/China trip I would like to bring a Leica M film body along with my beloved M8. Here in my city, there is a very well stocked store who sold, process and scans many different types of film at a very decent price so I am eager to get my film M. I left film many many years ago when I sold my Nikon F3, Leica R5, and Hasselblad 500CM cameras so I am pretty new to the differences between the M film series, I already found some interesting articles I am reading, but I would love the opinion of actual users. I am able to invest $1200 USD, so my question is which M would you choose for that money? My current M lens is a 35mm f2 and I have no problem using an external light meter. My findings indicate I can find an M2, M3, M4 or M5 within that range. Oh, and if there is a fine, trusty dealer you can suggest to deal with will be great too. Kind regards, Ricardo
  6. rivi1969

    Panasonic S1R review

    Jaap, the SL is huge and heavy for a mirrorless FF camera too. But agree, this is like a king size G9 (and the G9 is big already).
  7. rivi1969

    My M8 seems to require repair. Take a look

    Raid, I think the M8 deserves the full SPA treatment. It is a great camera. Just yesterday I saw a video on YouTube from a guy saying that his M8 starts showing a magenta cast in half of the sensor, he sent it to Leica for an estimate and they ask £2,000 for the repair, so he said no. It was too much. However It is sad to see an M8 going out of business.
  8. rivi1969

    My M8 seems to require repair. Take a look

    Raid, You have a couple of dead pixels on your sensor, nothing to do with your lenses and it is an easy fix for Leica NJ. The problem is their return might takes months, so I decided to live mine as is. Besides it only shows at ISO 640 and my camera is permanently set at ISO 160. By the way, none of those softwares or online pixel fixers worked for me, maybe because I use Mac iOS, I don't know. Keep us posted and good luck.
  9. rivi1969

    B&W pictures on Leica M8

    Waiting... San Miguel de Allende Guanajuato, Mexico. M8 Zeiss ZM 35mm f2 San Miguel de Allende by Ricardo Villagran, on Flickr
  10. Covered in incense... Sensoji temple, Tokyo by Ricardo Villagran, on Flickr
  11. Covered in coats... Mini, Conchita and Bauer by Ricardo Villagran, on Flickr
  12. rivi1969

    M8 Photographs (Post them here)

    Singing lesson (looks better at full size). Performing Arts Program by Ricardo Villagran, on Flickr
  13. rivi1969

    Digilux 3 Images

    Years ago I had a couple of Digilux 2 and one Digilux 3, I like them very much especially the D2 because of its form factor, It is sad Panasonic dropped that concept.
  14. rivi1969

    Leica 109 descendant

    The imminent release of the D-Lux 109 "mark ii" it's going to be a good time to get one of the remaining original D-Lux 109 at a nice price. The upgrades are marginal at best and I bet the price will be around 50% more. If instead of the red logo they would add weather sealing or some real benefits over the Lumix, that would be interesting.
  15. Leica cares apparently, otherwise, they would specify "Portugal" and not Germany.