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  1. I use a Minolta IV f and just bought myself a pentax digital spotmeter (finally). It'll help to nail my exposures on b/w
  2. Hi guys I'm thinking of getting an M7 instead of the MP but I want to know if the blinking light also flashes when you don't use the lightmeter so, setting the exposures manually. I rarely use an in camera meter. Thanks Jesse
  3. My M6 is totally fine; Nothing wrong witht he viewfinder. I don't love that it has a zinc plate and I have to watch out to not get the zinc bubbles in the paint. I'd rather just be "safe" to scratch the camera when I put it down. Luckily times changed I had 2x m8, 2x m4, 1x m6 already hah I only shoot 50 and I might use a 35mm in the future. I NEVER use the built in lightmeter. I just use incident meter and maybe in the future I'll get a spotmeter (pentax digital spotmeter). I have the money to get the MP, it's just. "is it worth the extra money". Thanks for your valuable infor
  4. I have a perfect condition M6 now with original box etc. I don't like an M7 because of the electronics and I don't like the %6 because it has a zinc top plate. Edit: I'm just asking if I should worry about the viewfinder separation if I get a mint condition M3/2/4
  5. I never go to Wil van Manen again. He's way too expensive, even Leica is less expensive. I don't mind spending €1500-2000 on a good working M2/3/4 body if it's okay for another 15 years.
  6. Hey fokks I was about to switch my M6 for an MP but then i realized (because I'm still a student) I might just get away with another M (just want one that doesn't have the zinc stuff, brass only, that's the reason). It's a bit costly. So, I was checking the M3, M2 & M4's but I was wondering if I should care about the viewfinder separation and silverthing (contrast of rangefinder patch). Should I take it in account or isn't it that bad?
  7. Maybe important to say. When I turn the screw I can see it going up but when I let it go it just goes back to where it was. Anyone an idea?
  8. So from the first day I had my M6 from Leicashop it's vertical aligment was sligthly off. However it was CLA'ed just before shipment. After 11 months I took the "Leitz" logo off myself and googled how to adjust it. I read about you need to put in acetone to make the glue loose so you can turn the dial. However I did everything and the vertical aligment didn't change. Anyone did this before? I made the tool myself. But I don't know how this could work as the tool need to be put in the "D-shaped hole" but there is nothing to turn in there? How does it work? Where do I put the acetone to
  9. Hi all I have this thing with my Leica M6 that not really bothers me but oh well.. Visiting the Leica park in Wetzlar soon and might get it fixed. But would love to know what it is. On leds / strong lights I see the image double in the viewfinder. Like the patch is a little off to the bottom. But on eyes or other objects it's fine. It also happens on text that get near the closest focus range. Is it something with relfection? The coating? Vertical misalignment (even though it's not always). It never affected my focus, my shots are always in focus so no problem with it. Man
  10. Seem that you guys don't really are up to date with the new stuff on the labs. Carmencita Film Lab is doing E-6 pretty cheap. They are good, professional quality. Carmencita Film Lab | NEW: Slide Film (E6) Processing and Scanning Services
  11. Hi all I'm trying to find out what causes viewfinder separation. Can it happen on any M? Is it from 0 to separated, or is this a process that evolves? I might buy an M2 which is in top condition, everything works fine (even brighter viewfinder than my M6). Slightly more blue. But I don't want to end up with a viewfinder that's separated in a few months or years. As for now it looks splendid. And if it's separated, what can be done to fix it?
  12. And is it true that the M6 cannot be repainted/rechromed? Leica FAQ — M body repaint - first section
  13. That's nice. So let's say I keep my M6 and it get bubbles, sooner or later. Can Leica do something about it?
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