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  1. I bought the M9M when it was released. I sold it to a friend when the the 246 was released and purchased one of those. It didn't take long to regret the move. Fortunately, when the M10M was released I was telephoned by that friend to ask if I had any interest in buying back my old M9M. It took me about 1 nano-second to say yes. I have an M10-D to do the day-in-day-out stuff. However, to me there is something special about the look of the images from the M9M. I suppose it is all up to the look you want. Better is not always "better". I suppose that is the reason some of us still shoot film as well. Good luck and keep clicking!
  2. Will Leica offer the M10M~D? That would be hard to resist.
  3. Anyone shooting the new offering from Ferrania? Anxious to hear your thoughts. Cheers--lt
  4. I have owned both earlier iterations of the Mono. I regret selling the MM1, but it went to a friend. I should of loved the 246, but I did not. I almost immediately missed the M9 version and sold it shortly after the M10-D was released. I’ll probably sit this one out. I love the M10-D. So, my bank account is safe so long as they do not release an Mono M10-D. That might prove irresistible. I don’t expect that to happen. Cheers—lt
  5. I have the M10-D. I’m a fan of the lever thumb support. I normally use the 0.95 Noctilux and it really does come in handy. When I’m using the 28mm Elmarit, I leave the lever in. Perfect.
  6. I’ve been carrying the Noctilux for years through the M9, M240, M10 and now M10-D, even on the SL. It is much easier with a slightly longer strap worn across the body. I wear every combo that way now. Just a suggestion. IMO the Noctilux is worth the weight. Cheers—lt
  7. Ami I Happy? I’m delighted. I have described it this way to a few friends, the M10-D doesn’t force you to slow down; it makes you want to slow down.
  8. In November I made a trip through Hong Kong, Tokyo and Kyoto. No less than 6-times (before I finally took it off all together) the Leica Thumb Support fell while I was walking the streets. Fortunately I heard it bouncing on the pavement and retrieved it--a task on the crowded streets.. Upon returning from that trip I traded the M10 for the M10-D. I am very happy with that decision. Also, I should say that I have used the Thumbs-Up on three prior models: M9, M240, M246. I never experienced what I experienced with the Leica Thumb Support. Cheers--lt
  9. Like Gobert, I too use the BH-30 and find it perfect for the M. I have used the L-brackets on the M240 and now on the M10-D. Because of the weight I do not keep it on the camera. I use it only when I use a tripod. Good luck. RRS is very good quality iIMO. Cheers--linford
  10. Thanks Leicaiste--when I do that I see focus peaking regardless of lens being M, R or Nikon. Not sure why???
  11. Is there a way to opt for zoom focus as opposed to the focus peaking which is active on my camera? I occasional use my R lenses on the M10-D and even a couple of circa 1980's Nikon lenses--mostly the beautiful 1.4/85mm. I prefer the rangefinder but there are times and situations when the EVF comes in handy..... Cheers--lt
  12. Yes, I-Leica. I sure did and it was not even a hesitation. The M10D is a state of mind and I am all for it. It really is liberating to shoot it. I love shooting film but the delays and processes involved make it a bit more drawn out and deliberate from a processing point. The M10D is a similar shooting experience without the dragon time. Although there is admittedly nothing like pushing a roll of HP5 and chewing on the grain......but that takes time. Cheers—
  13. Yes, i-Leica. Besides the M10-D, I have the MP film, Leica C, Leica D-Lux (type 109),. Until recently I also had the SL with 4-lenses in the SL line, 24-90, 90-280, 50-Lux and 90-Cron. I recently swapped out the SL outfit for the Hasselblad X1D.. I also moved my M10 when the M10-D arrived.
  14. There are times that I consider going exclusively film and I am working in that direction. I have completely divested from FB and IG who favor a digital environment. Recently I parted with my entire SL system and my M10 and went with an M10D to sit beside my film MP. I am growing weary of the digital rat race of always chasing the next best thing. My original film camera (Nikon FG--circa 1985) still works just fine to make a point. I do also have the Hasselblad X1D for medium format work, but may pursue going to film there too. There is and always will be something special about film. Cheers--lt
  15. M10-D arrived last week. It feels like the quintessential M to me. Love it!!!
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