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  1. I am measuring it for the purposes of shooting a panorama. I think that "nodal point" is actually a misnomer in this case and I am looking for the exit pupil or the point of no parallax. There are some videos online demonstrating the method that I use. Essentially I mount the camera/lens on the tripod and place one nightstand directly in front of it about 65" away and another one directly behind that about 250" away. Then I watch on live view and swing the camera back and forth. As it moves left to right the rear light stand becomes more visible. So then I adjust the rail moving the camera for
  2. I was just wondering if anyone here has measured for the nodal point at any focal length on the 90-280mm. Usually I have no problem doing this with wider lenses, but I am having a difficult time with my normal dual light stand method. Particularly looking for the nodal point at 280mm.
  3. We get it, we get it, you are a working photographer, but remind us all one more time please. My SL gets used for work every day and I never worry about it because I have 2 of them. If work is that critical to you then redundancy is an absolute must, and that is how it is handled professionally. So you are making a big deal out of the reliability of a camera that has not broken on you and service that has not failed on you, and yet that level of angst mixed with professional obligations has not prompted you to carry a second body? That doesn't add up. And for the record, Leica's pro servi
  4. I know there is something I am doing wrong here, and there must be a simple answer, but I am stuck, so here we go... I shoot on a pair of SLs and it seems that when I use the Leica SL-R adapter, the lens corrections in Lightroom apply no problem. Great. Then when I use the Leica SL-M, M-R stacked, I don't seem to get the same info to transmit. Is it supposed to? Even more odd is that when I load my DNG files in Lightroom and manually select, for example, Leica R 21-35mm, then select the focal length of the shot, nothing happens. No corrections are applied. Isn't this supposed to w
  5. Yes, this is the one. I also use the Cambo Actus, but the Digital Back version. Most of what I do requires shift movements at least, and sometimes tilt as well. I have found, however, that using the Canon and Nikon t/s lenses with direct adapters causes internal reflections when shifted especially in certain conditions. If you don't catch it on the LCD then you are left to curse at the computer screen later. My hope is that the construction of this adapter along with shifting the camera instead, will result in less of these reflections if not mitigating the issue all together. The issue is
  6. I am wondering if anyone knows of a wide R lens with a large-ish image circle to use on the SL with a shift adapter. I am really hoping for the 21-35mm to work, but I am also curious about the 19mm options as well as the 21mm and 24mm. I know the 28mm PC will cover, but I was hoping to keep it between 19mm and 24mm. By the way, if there are any other lenses you know of in that range that may work, I am all ears. My lust for an R lens to work is mostly about having a mechanical aperture ring.
  7. Thats too bad. I just ordered the Novoflex EF to SL and the Kippon Contax to EF, so I will test that out and see, but I feel like I will likely be returning those. It is too bad there isn't pass through functionality on the Leica Contax to S and S to SL adapters.
  8. Link below, but this is meant for Contax 645 mount, so the Phase/Schneider lenses will not work with it. I am curious though if there is another way to make that work because I have a nice collection of blue ring Schneiders with the XF also, and there are a few I wouldn't mind being able to use on the SL. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06Y4LZJPL/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. I was wondering if anyone has tried stacking a EF Smart adapter for the SL with a Contax 645 Smart adapter for Canon and had any functionality on the SL. I don't care about AF, but aperture would be nice.
  10. Likewise tested my Godox AD600 Strobes against my Profoto B1's, and I am not buying any more B1's...
  11. As I suspected. Thank you for confirming. Either way, works amazing.
  12. Is there any way to remap the quick touch functions of the main 4 buttons surrounding the LCD? Here is my specific situation. I am using a Nikon 19mm PCE lens on a Novoflex smart adapter, and it seems that with this adapter I can not punch in the zoom as I would normally with my M lenses, which I do with the joystick. If there is a way to retain this function with the joystick when using this adapter, I am all ears. Short of that, I can punch in with the lower left button, which works fine as well, but if I can not use the joystick for this function, I would love to be able to map it to t
  13. This really depends on what you are looking to do with the camera. I have the 007 with a few S lenses and the entire collection of Contax lenses. I LOVE the S, but i am finding it more and more difficult to hold onto as I really miss the flexibility of working with a wide shift lens. I am all but certain that the 30mm tilt shift Leica planned on making for the S system has been abandoned at this point. I use the SL with Canon TSE lenses for work a lot, however, on the bigger projects where I want to step things up a bit and use my medium format setup, this factor can be limiting. I am now
  14. What is the deal with not being able to stack the S/SL adapter with the Contax/S adapter? Is it simply that it will not AF? Will it work manually as a dumb adapter at least? I am not aware of an SL to Contax 645 lens adapter out there, so if anyone knows of one, I would love to hear. Otherwise I would assume the Contax lenses could at least be used manually in this configuration seeing as they have aperture rings.
  15. I would say to this that you should not let other people's opinions bother you so much. It seems to me that there are a lot of people who would rather have the LCD, and they have that option. In fact, they have that option in abundance. With just Leica alone you have the M240, M-P240, M246, and M262 from the current M lineup. So I do not see any reason or accountably in all the negative regarding the M-D. Perhaps people just want to be heard, even on the subject of a camera that they will not likely ever purchase or use. Thats totally okay I guess, but still seems nonsensical to me. I am
  16. It really just depends on the photographer. I grew up playing ice hockey and when handling the puck, beginners always look down out of necessity in order to make sure they keep it on their stick. This works, but sometimes players keep up that impulse even after they are able to handle the puck without looking down at it. At higher levels, that impulse gets you knocked flat on the ice. Rule #1: Keep your head up! I liken this to how I feel about the impulse to look at a screen. Sure, there is no danger in it physically, however, once rid of this impulse, you are able to keep your head in th
  17. I'm biased. I have had my M-D since the day it became available and I have been enjoying the hell out of it. If Leica would make me a monochrom version as well I would be absolutely in digital heaven. Shooting film on my MPs with the M-D as my digital makes everything so seamless. Big thumbs up and many thanks to my friends at Leica.
  18. Does anyone know anywhere this can be purchased from yet?
  19. I need this now for my TSE lenses. Where do I buy in the US?
  20. I am not going to bother to read the entire thread because I get the gist of the disagreement some have. I will just add to the conversation that I have had my M-D since last week and I love it. Recently I have really only been shooing my MP film bodies and there is really no escaping the fact that it is a different experience vs shooting my recently retired M-P240s and M246. I love them all, but if I am being honest, I still love shooting film far more. Of course for my work I shoot digital on the SL and the S007, but when I am just shooting for me, it is the M all the way and film is general
  21. Back to the topic! Wide Tilt Shift! That was the topic, right? Well, thats my story and I'm sticking to it...
  22. Right there with you. Larger files than what I get already out of the 007 have the potential to be a great headache. I update my Mac computers with almost every cycle, and while my tower is extremely robust, the highest end laptop they offer really struggles with the huge 100MP files I tried on it. There are times, to be honest, where I do want to access files on the laptop, and that would just make me crazy. I also agree that practical usage for commercial work would yield very few advantages that clients might actually be able to articulate. I am in the same boat as you with the need fo
  23. Based on what I have read here thus far, I am inclined to believe that my issues have more to do with my own techniques working with the camera. I went back and looked at some shots along with my notes and I realize that I am actually being inaccurate in my comparisons. I am really not using the 80/2 much at all, particularly because I prefer the image quality of the S70. Where I am noticing the real difference in focussing is between the S70 and the 140/2.8, which may or may not be a good comparison. I started thinking back to my first time using a camera with Contrast Detection AF vs my
  24. Hi everyone, I know there are some folks here like Jip and others who have a good deal of experience with Contax 645 Lenses on the S, so I am wondering if I can get opinions on whether my experience is all in my head or if it coincides with what others have experienced using these lenses. First off, but in my opinion, both the Contax and the Leica lenses are optically fantastic, however, from what I have seen, the Leica lenses are noticeably superior on this department. Still, I find the Contax lineup plenty great, so this inquiry really isn't about that. So a close friend of mine br
  25. I saw this also, however, I am told that the rumor is untrue and that there are other lenses in the development lineup that would be of a higher priority than a niche lens such as a tilt/shift, much less 3 of them. Disappointing, and as much as I want my information to be wrong, it just makes sense.
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