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  1. Are you using a half case? I had this issue with a half case that went to high and impeded the frame line lever from moving appropriately
  2. Thanks for sharing. I have a small front element scratch on my 50 noctilux - and I use a filter now. Hasn’t affected images but it’s annoying to look at. I have been fearful in sending it in but your post makes me think that there is no harm in getting an estimate. I’m assuming it will be higher because the cost of the front element may be higher.
  3. Not sure about who makes the bag but agree Domke seems like good bet. But what I would really like is the Mustang. Also looking to trade my 10R for a 907x/50c.
  4. Yes. I saw that. I agree it’s an error. The front pocket/slot (non zippered) should fit the iPad and be the width of the bag. The b-sharp pocket fits the smaller iPad. Also can fit into back of main compartment as pictured, which should be possible in b-sharp. But also fits into front slot as well.
  5. I believe the 12.9in iPad pro will fit into the e-flat but not the b-major. I personally like the design of the e-flat over the messenger bags (baby grand models) because the strap goes around the whole bag so sits nicer on your body while carrying. I settled for the b-sharp and downgraded my ipad pro to the 11in model. The b-sharp will carry 1 body with lens mounted plus 2-3 additional lenses. Or my M-10 with 35 FLE, Q and one additional lens. Or SL with 24-90 mounted (plus or minus a small M lens) plus the iPad in the front pocket plus battery/SD card/wallet/phone charger. much easier to carry around town. I considered the b-minor but it is more boxy.
  6. I think tank is not the right word. Leica prices dont tank, they depreciate and then settle down. M8 for 1700-2000, M9 still sell for 2500, M240 for 2700-3000. In fact some have mildly raised. So M10/p/r will have an exaggerated fall initially , then even possibly slightly uptick, and then slowly depreciate. So yes the camera is much less than someone would have bought for new when released, but what value did some gain by using one of these cameras for 7-10 years? If someone places no value in time spent with camera - then you just want gear. None of these ( at least digital ) are an investment.
  7. Can bring in from UK tariff free if item is less than $800. I recently bought a b sharp from Robert White and there was no tariff. has anyone compared the Baby Grand 15 to e-flat? I’m looking for a larger bag that can hold the SL with 24-90 mounted and 12.9in iPad Pro (even better if 15in Mac book pro would fit).
  8. Jack - thanks. I have exactly discussed this with Harry as I have been thinking of a quick release solution to use with his straps. The one concern he raised was the excessive amount of metal around the body - which can be obviated by removing strap every time when placing in bag and overall “messy” Set up. I do agree that overall functionality would be awesome at expense of beauty - but if I really wanted that maybe the PD would be better. I’m starting to think that Harry straps permanently attached to the camera wouldn’t be such a bad thing
  9. I have been looking at Harry Benz Vintage B. They look great. Has anyone found an acceptable “quick release” system to move from shoulder to wrist strap use? Would be nice to use wrist strap solo without the shoulder solo. I suppose can use the Vintage B wrapped onto the wrist but not as nice as a separate wrist strap. I looked at Harry Benz J loop but much prefer not to have camera hang by one lug. That’s the beauty of the Peak Design, but the anchors are clunky on the Leica M. The leash works well on my Leica SL.
  10. Thanks all for the replies and the welcome. I have browsed the forums for the last 10 years - finally posted. Herr Barnack (not sure if its your name or alias) - I have been looking at the Vintage B and it looks great. Definitely more expensive than Gordy's. Other than the aesthetics - I hear they are softer. They also seem a little wider. How do you compare the two?
  11. I have loved using the Gordy’s wrist strap. I am thinking of getting a neck strap long enough to carry cross body so the camera sits at point where hip flexes to minimize camera bouncing when walking. Do you recommend the neck pad? I’m wondering whether the neck pad would inhibit movement of strap to bring the camera up to shooting position. Do you recommend any other straps for this purpose? Please let me know your thoughts. aman
  12. I know this is a very old thread. But quick question on the Gordy’s strap. If I was to choose a long strap to carry cross body so camera sits at hip - do you recommend the neck pad? I’m wondering whether the neck pad would inhibit movement of strap to bring the camera up to shooting position. Please let me know your thoughts. aman
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