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    'Millennium' M6 TTL black paint with 35mm f2 Summicron Asph black paint
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  1. Welcome and greetings from just down the M1 in Hertfordshire.
  2. Though the example in the video link below is a two-lug version, the video shows the lugs to be attached by screws.
  3. Welcome, John! +1 from me about now being able to afford all those high end film cameras I lusted after and couldn’t afford at the time!
  4. It’s not just me, then! Currently I’m using Safari and OS X Yosemite on my MacBook Pro Retina, and before Yosemite it was Mavericks with Safari. Both had ‘AutoFill’ turned on. Every time I log in to this forum (and RFF) it fails to recognise me even with ‘Remember Me’ checked. With every other website I use regularly my log in passwords are saved with Safari Password and I can log in automatically. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Grrr…
  5. +1 Never used a case with any camera I've ever owned. In the very early days I was twice persuaded to buy a case with a camera, but the thing quickly ended up dumped in a cupboard until I came to sell the camera. Bags are a different matter!
  6. Dishwasher?? That were luxury... Usually mine gets a yearly once over with carbolic. If it's lucky.
  7. philipus, It may be an outside chance, but one thing to check is whether the two round contacts (I believe Leica use them for circuit diagnosis) at the bottom of the M6TTL battery chamber have become loose and are making intermittent contact with the bottom of the battery. This would interfere with the proper working of the LEDs. I have always placed a piece of polythene cut to go underneath the battery terminal to act as an insulator, so that there is no chance of the two contacts making contact with the battery.
  8. I am aware of the various after-market cranks to fit rewind knobs shown, and I recognise some users find them a useful. Indeed a good friend of mine uses and swears by his for his M2. With regard to screw Leicas, in the article reference is made about the crank being "rare" with just ten being made, which in my book doesn’t equate to being “quite a market”. Is there a demand for after-market cranks to fit screw Leicas?
  9. Knob. The rewind crank on my M4-P got damaged and had to be repaired. As for speed, I hardly ever read of users complaining about knobs on screw Leicas being slow.
  10. Larsni, Have you considered hiring a Leica?
  11. Leica are missing a trick... they could have a fire sale of pre-Wetzlar gear at discount prices to reflect its less desirability to discerning Leicaphiles world-wide.
  12. The other day I was wondering how this would pan out. Great news! Many congratulations on the purchase. Let us know how you get on with your new MP!
  13. Hello Rob (Firefly), and welcome to the forum. My guess is that you’re going to get as many different opinions as posts regarding advice about which body to purchase. All I would say is try out and handle your shortlist if you can, then you can make an educated decision about one which appeals to your emotions and suits your pocket. Certainly a MP with a late Summicron is a mighty fine camera. My preference would be to buy it from a reputable dealer, making sure it has a worthwhile guarantee. For what it’s worth my opinions and why I chose a M6 TTL can be found here: Why a
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