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  1. I use Classic and cloud version together - just have to make sure I import everything via the cloud version, so it is synced to all devices and LR Classic. When I need something that the cloud version doesn’t have (for example: I can’t use Negative Lab Pro for film in the cloud version, or printing) I just switch to the classic version and have all the edits from the cloud version there. Works really well since a few years and I really need classic not really often, as the cloud version has becoming a lot better since beginning.
  2. He also had a yellow filter on it - so it could be the Monochrom version.
  3. I talked with 3 or 4 Leica dealers about this topic and each one said it is indeed a limited edition (only the Monochrom Version). But no one could answer how many pieces - they talked about 250 or 350, but had no official info. So it seems legit that it’s limited - maybe one day we will hear the truth 😉🤫
  4. It looks good but I wouldn’t use a case on my Q2MR. The Kevlar changes colour over time by sunlight and that will for sure give you slower progress under the case.
  5. Use my Q2MR without any case, as straps I have Gordys wriststrap and a Gordys neckstrap (both in black). Also have the Cooph Straps, but prefer the Gordys on the Q2MR. (Kevlar hasn’t started fading so far, but it definitely is much more sensitive than leather - one can see slightly lighter color where the fingers and the strap touches it regularly.)
  6. It doesn’t matter - the M10-D for example was also „limited“ (~2k pcs.) and had no numbering (it wasn’t even advertised as limited). In case of the Q2MR it will be similar. The model will have fans that are willing to pay more in the future than for the regular version. But only time will tell if it will become a „classic“ (as far as this is possible at digital versions).
  7. I am on an M1 Macbook Air and never had a problem with Lightroom or Photoshop. Its a great machine for photographers. (Came from a 2013 MBP, and it is night and day)
  8. I have an M10-D, the Q2M Reporter and a (analog) MP with 50 and 28 Lux and 35 Cron. I really love that combo, but if I already had an M10M I think the Q2M would be Overkill.
  9. Here a first picture of my Q2M Reporter
  10. I got mine 2 days ago, the dealer said its limited, but had no further infos. Nevertheless: its really nice
  11. So I got mine today - it took the dealer a week longer then he said… Battery is charging at the moment Anybody else already has one?
  12. There are rumors that there will be 350pcs
  13. I also have on at preorder and called my dealer last friday, as in some Leicashops it is already available for online ordering with 2-5 days delivery time, and I heard nothing from him…🤪 He called Leica and it should now arrive in the next 2 days at the dealer 👍🤩 Sometimes the dealers need a little push…
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