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  1. Sure, will try different distances on the weekend (and develop a roll to check). It isn’t be a big problem for me if I know it doesn't affect the photos - but it is strange that its only with one lens/camera combination and the same lens works on another camera - and other lenses work also - on both cameras, I just don’t understand it, as it is not logically to me. Normally I would say that also the other lenses should have problems on the MP.
  2. It stops before it reaches infinity - I would guess at about 10-15% of the width of the small rangefinder patch.
  3. Thanks Reiner! I cant be sure at my film photos if they where shot at infinity (and also I dont always remember the lens) I just checked the 50 Lux and the 28 Lux on the M10-D - both align correctly in the rangefinder patch and also the photos look sharp (no scientifically testing). On the Film MP if I move the 28 Lux to infinity the object aligns like on the M10-D. If I try this with the 50 Lux on the MP and set it to infinity on the same object - the rangefinder patch doesn't align, it stops (remarkable) before I reach the object. (I tried your suggestion with the c
  4. I have a strange behavior of my 50 Lux ASPH: If I set it on infinity on my M10D it works as it should - I can align the rangefinder with the subject. Also my 28 Lux and 35 Cron work flawlessly on my M10-D. On my MP (Film) the 28 Lux and 35 Cron also work as expected - but the 50 Lux cant be aligned on further away objects (but the same object with the same lens on the M10-D aligns) - it stops a bit before it should stop. Can anybody tell me what that could be? Why is this only a problem of 1 out of 3 lenses at only 1 of the cameras? And why do all 3 lenses on the other camera wo
  5. My black MP will probably stay with me for a very long time.
  6. I have a new MP since a few weeks. It also has (after really close inspection) a few black marks on the upper film rail. I just use it and it works completely as it should. If I would look that closely on my (not really cheap) new car - I would always find some things that are not 100% perfect, and also at my new suits and at the new kitchen and so on… Just use it… you will never find the perfect M-A if such small things really hurt your soul.
  7. Got a new MP a few weeks ago (build October 2020). No problems - perfect so far.
  8. Without an RF it wouldn’t be an M (Messsucher). So I think that isn’t really a question in this case (let’s hope )
  9. For me the most important question is: will there be an M11-D??
  10. I am also searching for options to scan 35mm film with my M10-D at the moment. The best solution seems to be the BEOON, but it is more or less impossible to find one... So I am in search for alternative solutions to scan with my setup. So far I haven't found what I really need. If somebody uses an digital M without the BEOON to scan film, I would be highly interested in the setup!
  11. The BEOON sounds really interesting after reading this thread! I looked all over the Internet but it seems really hard to find a complete set. If anybody has one for sale - please send me a message Really want to try this out!
  12. I don’t know if I would go as far as in the video regarding my lenses - I think it would be not very practical to remove the colors for zone focussing - but the lettering on the camera is not really necessary - so it can be removed without having trouble at the actual job - taking pictures. On the other side - a blacked out 28Lux/50Lux combination would be very tempting
  13. I like the look a lot. It reminds me of the ASC 100 Edition M10-P, that came from the factory in the same design.
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