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  1. I’m neither an expert on broken Leica motors nor VAT / duty / import / export / Brexit.. ..but I would like to wish you good luck in getting things sorted out camera-wise and, like Boojay, with your treatment. Hopefully you’ll soon be sitting in France with a glass of lovely wine! 👍🍾
  2. Hi - just to throw the cat amongst the pigeons.. ..is the present covering original? If so - I, for one, would probably keep it!
  3. Whatever you do - don’t take it off!!!!! 😳
  4. Interesting thread! Does anyone know where I can buy nail varnish remover in bulk? Asking for a friend..
  5. Possibly - but if that’s the intention would it not be easier to, say, wear a (vulgar) Rolex? Firstly, more people would recognise what it was. Secondly, most owners could tell the time as easily with a (vulgar) Rolex as with a more modest wristwatch, without any extra training. Why buy a Leica rangefinder when to make photographs with it requires some effort?
  6. I’ve not noticed any vignetting - my lens falls into this serial number range, if that helps.
  7. Hello and welcome! I bought the same type of lens second-hand decades ago and this is the hood that was fitted to it. On the side opposite the model code is written ‘LEITZ CANADA’ so it may have been supplied new with the lens. At the back of my mind I seem to recall reading that hood was suitable for both 50mm and 35mm, but I may be wrong! In any case, this hood doesn’t ‘click’ into the lens ring and hence is free to rotate. Being circular it never appears ‘tilted’!
  8. I don’t claim to speak for the majority of Leica owners - just me - but when I walk around with my (two) ‘trophies’, I’m aware it screams “look how f@cking rich I could be”. Hope this helps! 👍
  9. An interesting point. Can anyone shed light on the commercial relationship between Leica and Magnum Photos Inc.: there must be some benefit to the agency for all those adverts it takes part in? I would certainly agree that Magnum was The World’s pre-eminent documentary photography agency. In my opinion, however, it completely lost its way some time ago. I’d love to know what Elliott Erwitt makes of its current business model (something that must make HCB turn in his grave), its membership and its output.
  10. True - my dog scratches his base plate all the time.. 🐕
  11. ...or - leave the plate alone and buy a case (or half-case). That way your camera has a better chance of avoiding any more ‘damage’.
  12. I’ll wager one my British Pound coins that the buffer is the same size..
  13. Thanks for your comprehensive reply. Now I am a firmer believer in ‘some things are meant to be’! Not only was your M9-P sensor meant to corrode, you were meant to take your M10 for a paddle.. 😳 It makes sense that using your M10-R will be a piece of cake - and a (relatively) inexpensive piece of cake at that! I’m lucky in that my M9-Ps have second-generation sensors and (touch wood) other things can still be repaired if need be. Although the higher resolution and better low-light performance of the M10-R / M10 are good things, my snaps don’t require them.. ..and I’m a Luddite when it come
  14. I hear what you’re saying (but I’ve got my pavement ears on). 😉🚴‍♂️
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