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  1. Have you tried the X Vario? The ring on the lens is awesome and the main reason Im not switching to the CL. James
  2. Very kind of you! Thank you very much
  3. Cant wait to see pics!! Please post some results if you get a chance! Was interested in something similar for my m, but now thinking about xvario to be able to buy just one set for multiple FOV! Can’t wait!
  4. It's interesting because I bought my m240 off eBay around 2014-ish? Don't really remember, but got a good price on it. They have excellent prices. Also, just picked up an X Vario off eBay as well - silver for $900. Don't know if that's a good deal or not, but hope to start posting some pics soon - assuming I didn't get scammed
  5. Sorry - uploaded these to the Gallery too, but just so happy that these came out so well. Recently I read that you had to underexpose to get the Leica colors. Yes, I did use a polarizing filter - don't know if that is frowned upon, but absolutely love love the results. Gotta say - the underexposing tip has really set my passion for photography afire again - since I can finally reap the benefits of a full-from sensor - at least from my perspective. Please - any critique is definitely welcome.
  6. Amazing how the grass seems to be echoing the colors of the trees. Kind of like the colored grass is bowing to the corresponding trees... sorry - my imagination...
  7. How's the summaron working out for you? Obviously the pictures out of it are amazing. I have the 'lux 35 and the elmarit 28, but weirdly, find that I am more likely to take photos with the elmarit 28 simply because of the weight, size, handling, etc. - which is why I ask
  8. Really beautiful colors! I love them. Planning to print this out? Bet this would look lovely as large prints on a wall somewhere. Really love the exposure on the last one!
  9. Actually I like this post over the other... But then again I am just an amateur
  10. Amazing colors! The reference really brought it home for me! I hope this doesn't offend, but any chance I could see the original photo before PP? I'm trying to work on my PP skills.
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