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  1. Perhaps this better stay in the cupboard where it has been for the last 20 years☠️
  2. Search the 2 topics above yours and search for "28mm voigtlander F2", there are many examples both color and B/W.
  3. Dave, I recently sold just what you have (IIf red dial plus Summitar). The camera and lens were serviced 12 months earlier with full documentation. It achieved the equivalent of £550. Unless you can prove it is in full working condition, your offer of £375 seems reasonable because if it needs servicing whoever purchases it can add another £200+.
  4. Plus - M8 Black paint 2006 M8.2 Black paint 2008 M Monochrom Black Paint 2012 M Monochrom (TYP 246) Black Paint 2015 M10 Black Paint 2017 M10-D Black Paint 2018 M10 Monochrom Black Paint 2020 I'm sure there are more!
  5. By coincidence a MQUOO has just come up for sale here in Australia. https://www.cameraexchange.com.au/product-page/leica-mquoo-mouth-release
  6. Not Ben, but this is Jorg's web address http://europeancameraservice.com/about/ He made a great job of my rather tired M3 a couple of years ago.
  7. Just for interest, a Ur Leica replica has just come up for sale locally here in Melbourne, Australia. https://www.cameraexchange.com.au/product-page/leica-ur-replica Unfortunately due to recent 7 day Covid lockdown the store is operating via web and telephone only at the moment. Hopefully the camera is still there when the lockdown is over and I can go and have a look as I have never seen one "in the flesh' before.
  8. Hi Pete, I actually agree with you, perhaps the silver version would blend in better?. Anyhow I think it looks better on the Canon P or Autocord and is much more convenient to carry around than my Sekonic meter or using a phone light meter app.
  9. I went with the V-201X with black metal casing which arrived earlier today. It is a perfect fit on my iif and is clear of the shutter dial. A little testing shows good accuracy. I personally like the top display as you would be normally looking down to adjust shutter speed and aperture.
  10. There are many articles showing how to spot a fake Leica, just 'google'. eg: http://rick_oleson.tripod.com/index-213.html
  11. Thank you for this information Jerzy and William, it confirms my own thoughts about this camera and lens. I assumed the lens was not the original as the serial (1931?) is too early to have been part of the camera conversion in 1933/4, so therefore I have 1A converted to a ll in 1933/4 with a period appropriate lens which most likely was converted from 11 o'clock to 7 o'clock. I guess it is possible the lens conversion took place at the same time as the camera but also possible that the lens joined with the camera anytime in the past 80 years. Thanks again for your interesting comments.
  12. Yes, the camera is 1A converted to ll, serial 18873 (1929). There is a label stuck inside the bottom cover, see below, don't know when that was stuck in. I have owned the camera for about 5 years. The lens serial no.
  13. I have a Nickel Elmar with SN 1333xx with 7 o'clock mount, I think this dates from 1931. Could this have been a later conversion? The lens has a standardize '0" mark
  14. There must be a reason that all digital M's after the M8 only have 1/4,000th speed shutters? My M8 shutter failed completely about 2 years after purchase (less than 6,000 shots) and was replaced with the M8.2 shutter. I also don't think I used 1/8,000th on more than a dozen times in those 2 years. John W.
  15. This fits. It states for Rolleiflex/Rolleicord but as it is thinner than the standard 3/8-1/4 adapter fits my IID and IIF perfectly. I purchased 4 and have adapted my 2 Leica LTM's and 2 Rollei's. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/3-8-1-4-Tripod-Conversion-Screw-Adapter-For-Rolleiflex-Rolleicord-TLR-Camera/282810047864?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
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