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  1. This is a random photo from web. Would the round blades (perfect circle) made these sun lines non existing? In my view it would have made the photo much better than what these 8 blades did.
  2. What is the focal lenght range that is pyhsically possible to make a pancake lens of and not to be slower than f/2.8?
  3. I wonder why not all Leica M lenses have something like 12-15 round blades. Wouldn’t a circle iris be a perfect one? What would be a reason to go with 8, 9 blades that are not round?
  4. ??? Rangefinder is the best thing that happened to my photography. There is no way I could do it through focus peaking. My thoughts are (this is purely my imagination) that Leica might have figured out how to insert a patch through some kind of display i.e. there would be no physical mirror. I have no clue and I am slightly digressing. 😂 I’d like to see more sample photos.
  5. Close focusing distance of 30cm. It could be Leica is cooking something with the rangefinder for future cameras.
  6. I think I will just live with what I have. It focuses perfectly from 2m and on, and for close focus I will get used to move focus a tad more when rangefinder’s patch is in focus. Already tried out that method and I was surprised it had actually worked fine. I do have a black version and was able to simply unscrew the front lens block. There is one shim inside. Started to play by screwing it back in until the focus at 1.15m was precise in rangefinder. However, I have lost the mid range precision in that case. That led me to believe it is not only that shim, but I would need to do something
  7. So I found the service document, but not really sure what part I should try to shim. Could someone help, please? Jupiter-9 Service.pdf
  8. I finally managed to get the lens tested. It focuses perfectly at 4 , 6 meters. Haven't had a chance to test the true infinity, but when I set to infinity the objects 200m away are in focus and that's more than good enough for what I need this lens for. Now the close focus. At minimum focus it is back focusing for 2 cm or so. Let's say I have a horizontal scale from 1 to 100, and when I hit focus in rangefinder at number 3, the focus is actually at number 5. It is not horrible so I do hope I could "fix" this, but wondered if I correct the focus at close distance of 1m would it set the mid ra
  9. Here is another example. As soon as I took the this shot I gave up on trying to find a better composition. There is simply no way to pull anything from these blown highlights. Just to be clear, I don't need another explanation of multiple occasions and master pieces that were made with 8 stops, I love almost all of them and admire them from another perspective. However, in 2021 I would really like to have more of dynamic range albeit only being an amateur photographer. This could only now work in black and white, and I don't prefer it.
  10. I've been using J-9 in my anamorphic setup for video and kind of got hooked to Sonnar design. Today I have ordered an L39 to M mount adapter that allows coding. So before I start thinking about doing the shimming part what would one recommend to code it as? I guess a 90mm, but which one? Thanks and cheers!!! BTW I will use it with M10, but found this thread. I hope this is ok.
  11. You can actually get away with less MP in video than in photography.
  12. I wonder if the video will be draining the battery the same as in SL2.
  13. Could someone confirm this issue is only present when L mount lenses are used, please? In other words, if I used manual lenses with not AF and OIS, would the camera operate "normally" in video mode? And if so what should I expect in the battery life time when recording 4k?
  14. Is this battery bug/flaw still present?
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