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  1. Well said. At least there are people who feel my pain. 🤪
  2. Right, but I wrote you why i think this has happened. What problems with overheating if you don’t use video? I never said it needs to be a cine camera with tons of video features. I am perplexed why it would bother you having video on M. You photos wouldn’t get any worse than they are now.
  3. This is how I see it. Leica M240 put the video button next to the shutter, people kept hitting it and it made a mess, people got upset and annoyed with it. If Leica had a dedicated Video menu where that button wouldn't have worked when in Photo mode I bet no one would have ever complained and we would still have video in Leica M. Unfortunately, Leica M's initial interpretation/implementation of Video was what it was and here we are. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to make a point in which M is better as a cine camera than a photo camera. However, in these days when video plays a big role in reportage, not having it as an option in M camera is, ah....
  4. Case closed, and there’s no sense in beating the dead horse. Unfortunatelly no video on M11 at all. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Do M lenses work better on SL2-S than on SL2 or it is the same? My concern are 24mm Elmar and 35mm FLE and edge performance.
  6. Would 24mm Elmar M and 35mm FLE perform worse with SL2-S than on M? I mean, the above sounds like SL2-S doesn’t have that “special” optics in front of the sensor than M does and alows for wide angle M lenses to be used with little to no corner degradation.
  7. Well, I do have many M lenses to go with, and old Russian Jupiter 8 and Jupiter 9 with many blades (my 2nd favorite setup), but it requires a cage and additional hardware. Summicron R is a quick run and gun combo.
  8. Thanks, but the clicks are of least importance to me at this point. I haven’t checked your link, but this is “the right” way to do it: https://youtu.be/dZPT3TkEqdo
  9. There is a catch, though. I prefer R 50mm as in addition to it I own a 2x APO extender which in essence gives me 50mm f/2 and 100 f/4. A "minimalistic" two lens combo set.
  10. Thank you. Do you believe (if physically possible) a replacement of six iris to 9+ would bring undesirable rendering? I am not sure I quite understood why six was chosen other than either IQ or cost savings or it was a trend. There are lenses which are 50+ years old with many blades yet still work so I don’t think moving pieces count was the concern.
  11. In addition to my M lenses I own an R Cron 50mm which is used for video and this is a perfect match to Iscorama pre 36 as one can tell from the photo. I wondered if it is technically possible to upgrade its iris from six blades to 9+ rounded blades (the more the merrier) without rehousing the lens as the original housing is perfect for my needs.
  12. As the title say, what do you think? I really miss this from my M-240. Had to buy Panasonic and now carrying two cameras in my bag because of that. I would love to have M with L-log.
  13. This is a random photo from web. Would the round blades (perfect circle) made these sun lines non existing? In my view it would have made the photo much better than what these 8 blades did.
  14. What is the focal lenght range that is pyhsically possible to make a pancake lens of and not to be slower than f/2.8?
  15. I wonder why not all Leica M lenses have something like 12-15 round blades. Wouldn’t a circle iris be a perfect one? What would be a reason to go with 8, 9 blades that are not round?
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