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  1. M9M when I go out to photo. Ricoh GRII when I go out. Can't beat the image quality of the M9M, can't beat the Ricoh for the experience. Can't decide between the 2.
  2. Hi all I should get my Monochrom (MM9 version) back from Leica’s Australian agent with a new sensor in the next few days. The original sensor was corroded. I’ve asked them if the replacement is the old generation CCD sensor or new generation and am waiting on their reply. I guess old generation since I haven’t read anything about the new generation sensor being available to the general public. Since this is the 2nd time I’ve had to send my camera in (1st time was for pixel remapping), I want to check it for any possible sensor related issues when I get it back, rather than discover any issu
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I agree it would very unlucky but sounding out other users to see if anyone has been unlucky. Personally, I don't want to trade up to the 246. Cost, gimmicks and increase in size don't do it for me but at the same time, I don't want to be stuck with a 'bricked' show pony. i bought this baby to use it, not look at it. Cheers again
  4. Please read the question "Curious to know if anyone has had any subsequent issues after their sensor has been replaced." How complicated is that? After having this piece of precision of German engineering already fixed last year for a dead row of pixels and now again for corrosion, a 3rd strike is gonna see me squeeze a brick and someone's gonna be wearing it.
  5. Has anyone had their MM sensor replaced only to have corrosion or other sensor issues after? I’ve been advised by Camera Clinic in Melbourne that my MM indeed has the corrosion issue. They’ve offered to replace the sensor free of charge or upgrade to Monochrom Type 246 AUD 5046.00 inc GST. I only purchased my MM in April 2014 and really don’t want to give up on it so quickly but on the other hand, don’t want to go with a new sensor only to have issues again in say the next 12 months. Curious to know if anyone has had any subsequent issues after their sensor has been replaced.
  6. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you resolve it? Recently acquired a MM however I've been unable, after untold attempts, to download Lightroom v5 and Nik Silver Efex to my mac. software-support at leica-camera.com have kindly reset my license count several times now however I still haven’t been successful. The problem is the download starts, then download speed drops to a few kbps then disconnects in about 10-20 hrs. I got around Lightroom by downloading a 30 day trial version from Adobe, download took about 5-10 minutes, then entering my licence. I got an email
  7. 35mm lux pre asph on a Leica Monochrom Has anyone tried this combination and if so, whats your opinion of how they work together and image quality?
  8. Ditto....old technology, but mature enough where I (and the wife) expect many years of usage before I even think of getting a new camera.
  9. I'm late to this thread however sad to read your experience with FotoRiesel. Not sure if it helps with any Leica purchase you make in the future, but I recommend Vanbar. Picked up my M-E back in Feb 2013 for $5049. That was after an eternity researching prices domestic and overseas. To my surprise, Vanbar had the cheapest sticker price anywhere at the time. Unheard of for an Australia retailer to have the best price as I'm sure anyone in Australia will agree with. Sure, M-E was old tech back then and it was nearly a year ago but keep them in mind when you're looking to buy in future, thats al
  10. I purchased a new M-E in Feb 2013, so its got a shade over 12 months warranty left. Anyone have any experience, good or bad, with Leica's 1 year extension? I know its a while away before I need to consider it but curious.
  11. question answered elsewhere, they're rings, not a thread. Topic closed
  12. Excuse my ignorance. I've recently acquired a lux 35mm s/n 3474710 and 12504 hood which clicks on the front. Question - what is the thread at the front of the lens for? I read online that this little beauty doesn't take filters without the 12504 hood, so whats the purpose of the thread?
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